Cletus' Water Reservoir

Well, from mostly junk stuff laying around the shop,I came up with this:


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Works a peach!
Getting 2-GPM throughput, I can live with that. :grinning:

The brass gadget is the one way valve? How long does it take to fill the water table?

Yes, that’s the one-way valve (I yanked-out the spring in the valve to increase flow-rate, hence the vertical installation). I’m hoping to get me a stainless steel one. Don’t have the table as yet. So, assuming the water-table may be about 5-gallons, 2.5 minutes to fill.

BTW Just pulled the trigger on the PrimeWeld CUT60 from Amazon

I thought you were getting the Pro. Which table are you getting? The original Crossfire is around 5-6 gals… It takes me a little over a minute to fill with my setup:

That’s not a criticism, your tank setup should be easier to clean since it’s not an enclosed tank. Just an FYI.

I’m buying a Crossfire (unused) from a fellow forum member, that way there’s no lead-time from Langmuir and I get to help out a member. I will order the XL kit from Langmuir at a later date. Just not enough room for the Pro here in the shop.

Fine time to ask, but what’s the height from ground to bottom of the water-table? :rofl:

I’m not in my shop now, but the dimensions to the top of the slats is 32.4" according to the CrossFire page. Figure the bottom of the water tray is about 1.5" less than that. The drain fitting is probably about 2" for the standard fitting.

Cool, Thanks!