Cleaning the Water Spots and Build-Up off the Rails

I’ve found that using a rag soaked with some household white vinegar (5%) Works great to clean-up water spots and gunk that builds up on the rails. Then wipe them down with clean water then WD-40.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?

I use this to clean my pieces after cutting as well as my rails. It works well. Walmart, about $30/gallon.

Vinegar is obviously cheaper though.

Edit: Home Depot has this thinner for $16/gallon.

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The rails are galvanized and vinegar will corrode the coating off.

I use Windex on all the moving part when i am done cutting then I spray all the moving parts with silicone WD40 so it ready to go for next time .

avoid lube on the motor coupling !

cleaning immediately after use to avoid hard to remove water spots and splashes


Never thought of Windex… so it won’t react with the plastic in the lead screw nuts?

I haven’t had any issue. Windex is store in a plastic bottle with a plastic triggered pump sprayer. It is only on for a few seconds before I wipe and soak with WD40 silicone spray.

Old Windex used straight ammonia, new windex uses ammonium-D (ammonium hydroxide ) which is also used to your food …

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21

"Q: In what foods is ammonium hydroxide used in processing?
A: The list of foods in which ammonium hydroxide is used as a direct food additive is extensive and includes baked
goods, cheeses, chocolates, other confectionery (e.g., caramel), and puddings. Ammonium hydroxide is also used
as an antimicrobial agent in meat products.
Ammonia in other forms (e.g., ammonium sulfate, ammonium alginate) is used in condiments, relishes, soy protein
concentrates/isolates, snack foods, jams and jellies, and non-alcoholic beverages.
The World Health Organization has listed hundreds of food types that may be processed using ammonium hydroxide
when used in accordance with good manufacturing practices. These include dairy products, confections, fruits and
vegetables, baked goods, breakfast cereals, eggs, fish, beverages such as sports drinks and beer, and meats. "