Clamping Workpiece?

Hello all,

I’m getting my Crossfire set up to start cutting .090 thick aluminum. I’ve experimented on scrap and have dialed in fairly good settings, but in that process I hit problems where dross would form in some cases on the top side.

I’ve dialed that out for the most part, but it has made me want to secure the sheet metal to the slats so if I need to make another pass for whatever reason, I can be sure the sheet has not moved.

Any ideas what type of clamps would work for this?



maybe a piece of angle stock off of a couple side spots on fram with a de-stay-co toggle clamp mounted on top?

Do a forum search for @matthewtmead. He came up with a genius clamp idea using binder clips.

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little magnifying glass on the top right…“binder clips”…

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I would be concerned with topside dross. It sounds like you don’t have your power and speeds dialed in yet? Your torch should be .060 (1.5 mm for our SI speaking friends) above the surface of the metal so that is a LOT of dross if it is causing problems.

Hi Madkow, sorry for the late response.

I’ve done extensive testing and have dialed in settings that have pretty much eradicated top side dross, but I’m just thinking ahead. I’ve not done enough of this yet to be confident it will never happen so, looking to secure the piece.

Thanks all for the tips. I got severely side tracked from this work but am getting back to it soon.

Well, I’m not an expert, I just did some works around the house. As an idea, I love toggle clamps

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