Circles not round

Ok been awhile but actually haven’t had any issues until now. I had figured out this problem on 1/4” but since then gf dropped a ladder on machine and I discovered it was out of level and my z axis wasn’t even close to being level. So ended up shimming the z axis to get it level to everything else. Razorweld 45 3/16 steel current setup is 45 ipm 45 amps with THC on. 2.50” round disc with a 1” center hole. Seems lead side is under cut and lag side is over cut

Your circles not being round could be coupler slip.

I would check your couplers.

Your bevel is pretty extreme.

What are you setting your torch height to?

And have you confirmed that your torch is plum to the cutting surface?

Checked couplers and snugged them up, I have THC so it sets it , torch is about as plum as you can get had to shim z axis in order to get it plum now it’s only doing the center hole and not firing for outside

The THC maintains a constant height but it does not set the height.

You would have had to specify a height while you’re doing your CAM.

So what is that height that it’s set to in post?

I also have a shim in my z-axis

It only pierces the first pierce and fails on the second Pierce?

This may indicate a short Pierce delay?

Fire control automatically makes the first pierce delay longer so a short Pierce delay might fail on the second fire of a program.

Ok been awhile since I even turned it on but is this what you’re asking for

It has been working really well until the ladder fell on it I haven’t changed any parameters on any of my tools

I would make sure the z-axis is properly moving up and down.

Bevel like that can come from improper torch height.

I would also check your consumables make sure the nozzle doesn’t have a deformed hole

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I was just thinking about the nozzle hole, just ordered some more consumables so will try that as well. Thanks for the help and I’ll keep you posted on my findings

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Check out some of these nozzles that I was looking at under a microscope.
You can see what kind of deformities which are almost unperceivable to the human eye.

Thanks, Please do keep us updated. it’s nice to be able to mark these topics solved once they are

Yep mine looks like some of yours alright

Do you have any compressed air blockage around your nozzle?

No I believe part of the problem was goobered nozzle and my z axis got knocked out of level. Just received new consumables over the weekend so will be trying them this week

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