Circles not cutting

Does any one have an explanation why I am having a hard time cutting large circles.

I am designing the circles in Inkscape and then creating tool paths in Sheetcam. I double check my drawings each time for strayed nodes.

Last night I tried to cut a 17" circle that had a flat spot at 12 o’clock. Tonight I just tried cutting a 19" circle and things went even worse. Again there’s a flat spot at 12 oclock and the torch also seemed to wander off the path.

Not really sure what happen here.

Loose motor coupler perhaps? That looks odd.

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Definitely looks like a loose motor coupler to me.

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lol awesome.

@langmuir-daniel Go back to the instructions and find the motor coupler??

It’s the black cylindrical piece between the motor and the lead screws. Tighten the set screws again on all three axis, also check the bolt at the bearing end of the lead screw.

To verify without wasting metal do:
Load the gcode with a circle
Turn off your plasma cutter
Turn off THC in FireControl
Run your program

also really watch the torch cable tension…I found on my earlier cuts that the torch cable can sometimes put stress on the drives and the torch head and cause issues

I have run into that a few times. Especially if I banged into the stops ! I would turn off the controller. Then by hand try to wiggle the coupler. I found once the set screw on the flat of the motor was just slightly loose!