CFPROs New Home in my shop!

Here is my CFPROs new home !!! False wall to protect computer and back wall from sparks and keep them contanted / Added a estop / A piece of channel down the middle of water pan to protect the water pan seam / A pen plotter to check drawing before wasting alot of metal / Compressor behind and aside of wall / Exhaust fan above Plasma table to exhaust fumes… All built from scrap left from building the shop a year ago…


Wow that looks nice!!! Great setup

nice thing about white shop is you will know when it is time to clean…daily…lol…

One question and one comment.

Can you tell us about the pen plotter setup details and materials?

I find that I am frequently feeding metal well past the end of my machine and would think that you are limiting some of your options being that close up to the wall.

I will absolutely buy one, please send his contact info. Thanks.

@Allcutup… Hi David.

Yes! I’d be interested in the information as well… And any hints towards the proper POST would be welcome also… Otherwise, I’ll play around with it! TNX in advance!

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