CFP Torch no longer firing DELETE this thread

CFP has been working perfectly until this morning… now the torch will not fire.

If you remove the nozzle, can you push up on the electrode? It should push up and snap back down.

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the two inner parts came out when i unscrewed the cover

Did the electrode unscrew? Send pictures.

lemme check in the morning. i turned off subpanel to do another job

If he has the Hypertherm style torch, the electrode doesn’t screw in. The electrode and nozzle fall out when you remove the part that holds them in.


Doh. Lessons learned. While I was out on holiday I was thinking.

Turns out when I drained and refilled the table I sort of forgot to recharge the air to the plasma cutter.

Learned: plasma cutter requires air to fire the torch.


Look at it this way:
Glass half full moment: You did not waste a bunch of consumables nor metal in the meantime.