CF-Pro w/ RW 45 Consumables

What is the type of consumables for the RazorWeld 45? Any good multi piece kits out there with different size tips?


Not if you have the X45 torch. Your stuck with one size fits all.

How to verify which of the torches one has? Looking at both sites LS and RW… both show multiple pics of different torches and the one I received does not match any of the ones shown. Also… has there been a good machine torch replacement that runs well with the RW45 mentioned? Thanks

If you got the Razorweld with the CFP then its the so called X45 torch and these are the consumables.

I also carry the X45 machine torch and the PTM60 machine torch. Here are the consumables for the PTM60.

What’s the difference between shielded and unshielded? What would be best for this table? I would like to look into machine torch on cnc and have option to use hand once in awhile. What’s the difference (pros/cons) of the two different machine torch’s? Does both offer different size tips?

No, the X45 only has one size tip. What came with your plasma cutter was shielded consumables.

The PTM 60 has four unshielded tips (tips are exposed) 20, 30, 40 and 50 amp and two sizes shielded tips(tips are covered by a shield) 40 and 50 amp.

There a cost difference between the two machine torches? Cost of each? I prefer shielded so I would only gain one added tip option with the PTM60 and still no lower amp tips for fine details.

That is because there is no advantage to a shielded tip lower then 40 amps.

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So the PTM60 would be the better set up as for flexibility? What about running cost of consumables? One considerably more than the other? What is the cost of the PTM60 and is it basically plug n play into the Razor45?

Why don’t you just call me and I will answer all your questions.

Will do… thanks