Certiflat tables

So I’d like to have a table like the certiflat Fab block table from weldtables.com BUT… to get a 36x48" table in 3/8" thickness would cost me right at $2,300!!! Has anyone on here drawn the pieces so I can just have a local shop cut the table out? It can’t cost much more than $500 for the materials to make one.

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Makertable.com has design files for sell on his web site.

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That’s interesting. When you watch the assembly video for those tables they look a lot more difficult to get square flat.

Any reason for 3/8" over 1/4"? I was going to order one of their lightweight pro table tops last year, but I couldn’t make the space I thought I could for another table. I did quite a bit of research on their tables, and even at 3/16" thick they hold up well.

No. I’m not really sure what thickness is necessary.

Just a more stout top if you go thicker. The amount of abuse some tables go through is amazing. Also remember you’re welding on it and in some cases, beating on it. I’ve gotten my table pretty damn hot. Not saying I was anywhere close to warping it with heat, but I could see where that might come into play. All of that said…I’ve bought 2 of their products…a Fab block and a normal table…both of them in 1/4" Love them both, and I’ve hard zero issues out of either. You will not regret getting/making one. I made my own clamps using cheap HF f- clamps and 5/8 bolts. They work like a charm.


Have you seen this from Langmuir? It’s 2’x3’ and tentative pricing is $549. Cast iron. Two would run you half of the weldtables and give you the size you want. More details on their facebook page.

I just found it on Facebook. I’m very interested in them possibly 2 of them @langmuir-daniel What’s the current status???

These people just keep bringing things to market that make me spend money lol.Ive been looking at certiflat and all the others…just want something that’s already assembled that I dont have to clamp together and weld.Ill be looking into this…would like a bigger size though.


Me too!!! You can bolt multiple tables together is how they advertise it. I’m good with that. Hopefully they have wheels under them as well

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Hey buy 2 now then add as you need I guess.I like it.

The certiflat tables are cake easy to put together. I have built 2 of them and they both went together in under 2 hours. Dead flat and I didn’t go through all of the measures you see in some of the videos. Just make sure everything is fully seated before you weld.

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The certiflat assembly videos definitely look easier than the other video linked above.

Cast iron. hammering on it might not be the best thing if it’s really thin. Is Langmuir not talking about new products here on purpose? I looked briefly on Facebook but it’s probably scrolled away farther back than I’m interested in searching for it … how the heck did Facebook become so popular for businesses with such a poor interface?


It’s 3/8" thick and has lots of webbing, here are the other images from the Facebook post and the text:

We are pleased to announce our newest product; a 2ft x 3ft precision machined cast iron welding and fixture table. Cast Iron is the superior weld table material due to its high wear resistance, dimensional stability, and non-stick weld spatter surface. All 5 surfaces are CNC machined flat to within 0.010" with a total of 336 drilled and chamfered 5/8" dog holes that are on 2" x 2" centers. The top surface is 3/8" thick with heavily reinforced ribbing. Two or more weld tables can be bolted together to create as big of a welding/fixture surface as needed. These weld tables will be offered along with a full suite of tooling and clamps but the dog holes also work with many popular clamp brands. Pricing is still tentative but we are hoping to offer this product at $549.95 early next year

Agreed on Facebook, god I hate it.


Actually it looks good. 3/8 should be enough to keep it from cracking if your not a gorilla. too bad they aren’t using this really nice web site to promote their new products.


Agree totally on the lack of news on here. I’ve pre-ordered 2 tables from them

How it’s not on their store? Or if it is I couldn’t find a link to it.

Yeah I just looked too.I would like to pre order.

I’ll wait for the welding table pro to to come out in a few years in 4x8 and buy that lol