Cement type used . And bolt Y axis

looking at the mr1 first i was wondering what type of cement you all using .
i used many bag of cement over the years . they not all the same . most lack Portland cement it self
that why the quick create they sell home depot never gets white and super hard . also you using stuff with the rocks in it .

second question i was looking at the manual . looks like the Y axis rails they just sit there . Do not bolt to the lower pan to keep them in place . as the same for the center aluminum cut plate . it all relies on the cement to hold everything in place , over time cement cures it shrinks . As it shrink it cracks . it fact of cement that why expansion joints put in . i might be over thinking the cement part . my main concern is keep the Yaxis in place buy bolt it to the pan . any input on this

Just use the recommended cement or higher tensile strength. I haven’t heard of any issues with shrinkage or cracking from anyone. There isn’t a need to secure the Y rails to the base, its sheetmetal and doesn’t offer much strength to the system. The concrete base is where the rigidity comes from. Unless your machine is outside exposed to the elements, and not sealed with the epoxy I doubt anyone will experience any issues after its fully cured in a month or so after pouring. We’re also only talking about a piece of concrete a couple feet square, not 100’ on a bridge deck.

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Follow the directions. It will work perfectly. If you do anything add the drain update. Just wondering if you machine came with the rear center drain?