Can you convert numbers to cut paths?

trying to just cut large numbers in a sheet of stainless for an address sign for my porch, there is a create text in the sketch area of fusion and i can get the size and font of what i want. the problem is that when you zoom in to draw it the line becomes blurry and its impossible to follow it. is there some kind of tool that can outline the numbers or text to convert them to a line so i can then convert that into a toolpath? im still a newbie with this program but its coming along. thanks in advance!

Have you right clicked on the text and exploded it? This will change it from text into sketch objects.
It will start out in green lines you will need to use the unlock in the constraints to turn it blue before modifying things too much.

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I’m sorry, what do you mean explode it? When I right click I get the menu with move copy, undo, edit sketch, show hide, press pull, redo, delete, undo. I don’t see anything that says explode.

Could you screenshot your troubles or post your file.

Here is a video where I turn text to a tool path in F360.

Here are the steps need to change Fusion360 text into sketch geometry.
I’ll go over all the steps in case someone else read this.

I’ll start at creating text in the sketch environment.

Select an area to create text by left clicking and holding then dragging over a box to fit the text within.

We zoom in on this and see that it does not scale and becomes pixelated

We need to explode this text into sketch geometry.

Warning your option to edit text will be lost once you have exploded the text.

Hover over the text and left click text to select.
This will turn it from light blue to dark blue.

Right Click and select explode text.

Now our text is Sketch geometry
But is fixed (limited editing) which we can tell by its green outline.

It is now clean lines as far as we zoom.

Let unfix this geometry so we can use all the editing functions.

Select fix/unfix and highlight all the text.
(as a note many times you may have to highlight it twice because it does not work the first time. I am not sure why this is)

Now it has blue outline letting us know it is editable sketch geometry which is unconstrained.


This is great, I also have a writeup of this process here:

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