Can THC track cutting Square tubing that's rotated?

The title says it all. If I set up a Square tube under a torch on a CNC Plasma cutter and, instead of moving in X, for example, I rotate the tube so that the dx/dt is similar to what it would be for linear IPM, oh, and THC keeps the cutting height constant, can I do a reasonably clean cutoff of square tube?

interesting…almost like using a table saw for a 4x4…

you would need a fence or block to keep the end and/or side in the same position.

Yeah, I’m thinking of a fourth axis motor that is driven (in a scaled way) by the X axis commands. There have been previous discussions on this on this forum but I never realized the value of them until I started thinking about getting into welding. Square tube is like the lego building block to start with…

to be honest seems like a lot of work to cut square tube.
i do a lot of welding and a porta-band or a basic chop saw work great.

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I’ve got a chop saw, but I can’t imagine cutting 2" x 1/8" square tube on it. Can I?

are you using an abrasive blade or an actual metal cutting blade with teeth?

You can? I cut a lot of aluminum on mine using a good carbide tip blade. A little lube and cut. I have cut steel on mine using an abrasive blade made for cutting steel. LOTS OF SPARKS! Do not force the cut but keep steady pressure. I use my shop vac to pull the sparks and or aluminum chips away. Wear your face shield… and pay attention!! I have cut 2x2x1/8" steel tube. I clamped the material so it couldn’t move and bind… I am talking about the saw I normally cut wood…

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I have both an abrasive chop saw and an evolution rage “cold cut” saw meant for metal working.

You don’t want to throw a metal cutting blade in a standard chop saw, there is a torque rpm issue I believe. I haven’t tried, I don’t want to ruin an expensive blade.

That said, I cut my 2x2 tubing with the abrasive chop saw. The cold cut will do it, but I think it’s at the threshold of what they recommend. Plus I like to keep the blade fresh to use with my smaller thin walled tubing where there is less room for error when fitting and welding.

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Cool. Thanks. Do you have links to both of those? There have to be a BILLION products called EZ-Cut!

all I did was type portaband in good old Google…and those came up on the images…

here is one link

Edit: even Pinterest has home designs if you type in portaband


real basic…

LOL, this woodworker never heard of the term ‘portaband’… :flushed:

Nice. I have a small 6" abrasive disc chop saw from HF and their portable bandsaw with Lenox blades. I got a table setup like yours from SWAG Offroad. Was considering the Revolution saws but saw very mixed reviews online.

I like the chop saw setup from Portaband but they don’t list my saw. I’ll have to look to see whether Dewalt or Milwaukee’s saw is similar enough that I could mod the stand to fit.

Nice find.

I have 2 portaband’s set up in the shop

Jim & @toolboy, I like Milwaukee and Dewalt tools, but given my meager needs, I’m wondering if the Horizontal bandsaw from HF ( will be sufficient. If it’s total crap then the answer is obvious, but…
if it’s reasonably useful with good blades on it, it’s probably good enough for my needs.

Any thoughts?

I bought the GF Bauer one (I think they have/had another alternative but the reviews on the Bauer were better). There’s not a ton of stuff on mods to it on YT which is generally a good sign as it means it’s not rough out of the box - I check whenever I get anything from HF to see what hacks & mods are out there because they often make a big difference in usability of one of their tools.

In addition to the SWAG table I also got a foot pedal so I can start & stop it easier than using the handle switch when it’s mounted.

I also got a new miter fence although I haven’t really noticed any issue with the stock one. The saw came in a nice blow-molded plastic case that I don’t use because it’s mostly mounted on the table.

Definitely go with good blades. I went with Lenox metal cutting blades because I was sceptical of the stuff I saw at HF. It tracks well and doesn’t waver.

Here’s the model info.

hahaha…of course I have thoughts…but he meds the doctor gave me are helping with the voices…

I do not know much about HF…but what I do know is it is you get what you pay for…it all depends on what you do with it…
you guys are lucky with HF…the store we have similar has this…half the size and double the cost

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This it true on the cheap end of things, but paying more these days doesn’t guarantee you’ll get more.
That said, if I was getting a portable bandsaw then I’d definitely get a brand I know. However, the horizontal saw seems to have what I need for less that the cost of a name brand portable so I think I’ll try that route. I can just keep it in my loft for the occasional cut and drop it down to the yard in front of the shop if I’m going to be doing some serious cutting.
Thanks for everyone’s help!

@jamesdhatch, good tip to search for mods. Yes, I’ve done that sometimes, but doing as a rule is a good idea. I’ll go with the Lenox blades on your recommendation. From what I’ve read, to cut square tube, I probably want 14TPI? And also do blade break in?

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