Can someone PLEASE test continuity for me?

Can someone test continuity on this short cable please. I want to solder mine together but not sure which pin has continuity to the outside or inside of this barrel connector. Does pin1 go to the outside or the inside of the barrel connector?

If it’s the “torch-fire” connection, it should not matter as it would be just a pair of relay dry contacts.

It’s the divided voltage cable. He sold his other table and let the cable go with it, so he needs to make a new one. I don’t have a Razorweld, or I’d test it and let him know which pin goes to inner/outer of plug.

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Exactly sir and thank you for your help the other day with the torch on/off cable. Seems like one thing after another lol, but this is the last step I swear!

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Oh, then I stand corrected! :grinning:

VOM will tell you what pin is what

Not sure what the VOM is, but I can find out what pin from the plasma cutter is positive or negative with my multimeter. But knowing which pin Goes to the inner or outer barrel connector is what I don’t know.

Sorry VOM is old school volt/ohm meter.

In the real world red would be positive and black would be negative. But I am guessing as this is Langmuir black is positive and red is negative.

The continuity test I did on this barrel connect has the red wire going to the outer jacket and black wire to the inner of the barrel plug. Which is opposite of what is normally is. I jsut dont want to wire the positive output pin from the plasma cutter incase they have it switched for some reason.

If I was going to guess and risk frying something, I would just wire the red wire to the positive output pin on the plasma cuter and hope they dont have things switched. Its just that Im used to the inner core of the barrel connector being positive since thats safer?

I have orders to fill and this starting to get me frustrated, because anyone with a RW45 CNC can do this quick check for me lol I posted on the FB group also and nothing.

Found this…IT was counter intuitive…thats messed up why not red to positive and black to negative?

Negative is the torch Red on a plasma cutter. Black is positive to the work clamp also called the ground.

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Because your plasma torch is a

constant current electrode negative direct current power supply.

And your negative electrode is in the torch head.