Can plasma produce something similar to this?

I’m thinking this is probably made using a fiber laser? How close could you get with a plasma?
The lines are very clean so I’m guessing not very.

It’s probably 5 inches wide for reference.

This plate is 2" x 4". Plasma could definitely cut that. The corners of the letters would not be as sharp, since the plasma stream is larger and round.


I think you could get very close, depending on who is cutting it.
Are you thinking of buying a plasma table or just having these cut with plasma?

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If that plate is 5 inches wide, it is close to 1-1/2 inch tall so the letters (“E”) are about 3/4" tall. I definitely think you could come close with fine-cut consumables.

This was cut with standard 45A consumables on 16 gauge steel. The letters are 1 inch tall. But, as David said


This looks amazing, good to know it’s possible. Not quite sure where I’m going wrong but I will keep trying!

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Thanks man, yeah - This is the sort of cut quality I’m getting. Lines are okay but not perfectly sharp. Also using fine cut consumables. Couplers are 100% tight & I’ve tried cutting slow, fast & at various amps :confused:

The cut height is crucial. Once you get that dialed in, lots of things improve.

If you are using THC, try using the nominal voltage setting. That takes over once the cut starts. If you have Hypertherm, 'nominal voltage’is easy because it is in the cut charts.

Edit: I did not use ‘nominal voltage’ in the previous photo, however.

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Thank you - I am using THC so will try nominal voltage. I’m also using 16ga mild steel which I’m concerned may be warping even though it’s clamped to the edge of the table. If I can get to your cut quality I’ll be over the moon!


Check your consumables. The nozzle will fool you a bit. Compare the orifice to a new one. Once that nozzle/orifice starts to widen, the cut quality deteriorates considerable.

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Did you upgrade your compressor and add air drying and cooling equipment yet?

Yep, recently bought a workhorse compressor with air drying. Makes life much easier with not having to pause cuts but cut quality hasn’t noticeably improved if I’m being honest.

If THC is working properly it will compensate for warp - assuming your Work Clamp is attached to the Material and not the table.


what size compressor and what type of drying equipment?

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Compressor is 200L, using this dryer

May have made a slight difference, difficult to say but cuts still not good enough imo

Unless you’re putting desiccant beads in that container, that is a Filter, not a dryer.


You’re probably right, the compressor is brand new though & at least initially was 100% dry. Cuts were basically the same. I’m coming to the conclusion that I may need to switch to laser for more intricate work.

How do you know it was dry? The compressor is squeezing the moisture out of the fresh air being pumped into the tank. The ‘newness’ of the compressor doesn’t matter.


No compressor is 100% dry with out some equipment to dry the air.
I will cut you one of those if you send me a file and send it to you free of charge. Thinnest I have is 14ga if that will work for you.

I would be cutting with a RW 45 at 45 amps with what comes with it for consumables. I think fine cut might be slightly better but at least you can see what is possible


That would be incredible, thank you so much. I’m in the UK so there’s no need to send it but if you could send a picture that would be amazing. I’ve seen your stuff so if you can’t do it, I’m sure it can’t be done.

14ga is absolutely fine. I have sent over a file - more than happy to pay you for your time too.

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That would help us help you as well. Please send some photos of you cut quality, and the consumables (inside and out of the nozzle).

Also please tell us your settings (pierce height, cut height, pierce delay, CAM software that you are using, brand of plasma cutter,