Can I mount a vise to the side of the table?

Wondering if it’s acceptable to mount a vise on the side of the arcflat.

I’d like to put a receiver on the side of the table for various attachments the most stressful being a vise. (See photo)

Worried about cracking the side or something.

The rotational moment on that cast iron side concerns me. If it were my table, I probably would not. Let’s hear what Langmur has to say.

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That is what concerns me. I could widen the mounting plate so it held on to more of the side at once.

I’m wondering if it is a bad idea to mount anything at all on the sides.

Never seen one personally, so have no idea what kinda meat that thing has or gusset reinforcement. AlI I know is, I would love to have one, but no space for it! :beers:

You could do something like this. Not going to admit this is in my shop, but… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The vice was way too heavy for this rolling cart/bench so I (or someone) added the additional support with a wheel. The arm attached to the bench can telescope away from the bench and the support follows with the vice. There is also and extending rod so the wheel can compensate for the floor height.


Make it clamp on all 3 sides of a corner and it should make it significantly stronger.

Triangle shaped plate on top with 1-2 hole engagement, and minimum 2 holes of engagement on each side skirt.

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Hmmm, That sounds like a doable plan

That Vise would tip my building over, my god man!


I’ve seen bigger. :nerd_face:


In all seriousness, that’s a sweet vise you’ve got. It looks like it’s seen a lot of work, and has a lot left to do.

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Nice vise Jim!!

@ChelanJim I like your mount.

I want to do a breakaway vise mount too… if I ever upgrade from my OSB fixture table.

Now for the BS @Knick can delete at a later date. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish I had a good pic of my grandpas hand… he used to say “it’s me only vice”

It would top any of these :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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:rofl: Now that’s funny
I think I would have liked him!


It looks huge in the photo…I think the perspective made is look larger than life. But with the extra support, I can climb up on that vice and the bench/cart doesn’t tip. (It might be riding on only one wheel…but hasn’t tipped yet :rofl:)

I bought it for about $100 about 35 years ago. Didn’t really have the money to spend at the time: we have all been there. :man_shrugging:

So I think we have this figured out, and I am pretty sure it will work. No need to thank me:


I thought I was being funny…then I go on Fireball website and see this:


lol. Yeah, but their tables are MUCH thicker, and stronger, and significantly more expensive.

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That is one pretty vise. Big $$ l presume.
I have 8" Wilton, but its not as pretty as that one. Fireball makes some good stuff. Cast Iron?

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Yup, cast iron. It’s a beast, but because it’s so precise compared to any other bench vise I’ve ever used, it’s still able to hold quite delicate things when I need it to without a problem. There’s way less jaw slop with it open 14" than my old vise only open 1/4". Price-wise, it sounds expensive, until you compare it to other $1600 vises and realize how much better built and how much more capacity it has.

Loving some of the jaw options they sell too. The little ledge on the flat jaws works amazingly well to hold anything that has two parallel square edges. Currently holding a diamond sharpening stone so I can ruin my already busted thumb flattening the main grinds on a hardened CPM S35VN kitchen knife I’m finishing up.

I’m one plate and some welding away from making a simple prototype vise angle plate that could be enlarged to fit the 510 or 614 vises from Fireball, assuming it works as anticipated. That would possibly negate having to mount the vise on a table side.

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That’s on their big boy table. I’m not sure I’d try side mounting on anything less robust.

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I would have to get rid of my whole tool chest to fit that in my shop!


That’s a VISE… I may have to have one of those. Jimmy, you need one, too.