Calibration Cut using Sheetcam

So there is a topic in the Crossfire section on test cuts and using a G code routine to produce it. I tried on my CFP, but Firecontrol wants different inputs then Mach 3. So since I was in the process of improving my Sheetcam skills, I used it to create it. Started off with a simple dxf file (square box with 10 lines inside) and imported it to Sheetcam. I then set each line up as a unique layer and created 10 unique tools, one for each line. I varied the feed rate on each one. Pics below. Now that I have it setup, when I want to dial in settings for a different plate (material and/or thickness) all I have to do is adjust my tool settings, set the plasma cutter settings and I’m ready to go. Not as simple as what the Crossfire boys were doing, but within my skill set…


love this idea…and it is simple…
anychance to share the file

Yep. I post it when I get back to the house.

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Attached is the .dxf file, the Sheetcam Tap file and the Sheetcam tool set (with extraneous .dxf tag). I could not get the “.dxf” trick to work with the .job file which would have been better then a .tap file.

I plan on trying it with 12ga, 3/16 and 3/8 tomorrow.

Cutter Calibration Main Tap.tap.dxf (2.6 KB) Cutter Calibration (3.8 KB) Cutter Calibration.dxf (5.3 KB)


What plasma cutter are you running?

Everlast 52i