Cable Track for Crossfire

i just placed my order yesterday for my crossfire and looking at the pics i see the stepper motor for the one on the gantry hanging down and wonder if anyone has install some cable tray to make thing s lil neater ?
something like this


I think the cable for the x axis would be too short after installing a tray. Could lengthen the cable. It is 22ga 4 conductor awm/mtw wire.

The connector for the axis is a db9 style which is a popular style connector but the problem is trying to find a premade cable with 22ga wire.

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Ok Thanks I will do more investigating when i get it.

did you installed that carrier drag chain?

I used this drag chain in my mod of my Crossfire (Finally completed my CrossFire mods See third and fourth photos for detail.).
As has been pointed out, the X cable needs to be extended. More in my case because I moved the controller box from it’s standard position. If you leave it in it’s original position, you can probably get by with about 4.5-5 feet of cable. I switched to 18 gauge silicone jacketed wire because of the extra length and need for flexibility in the drag chain. I used spiral wrap to protect the wires outside the drag chain.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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i did not. haven’t used it much lately due to moving and selling house

Wow that looks awesome. Are you worried about the components overheating with the sealed box?

It’s a valid question, but, no, there isn’t a lot of power dissipated in the Crossfire electronics, virtually all of it is in the Stepper Motor drivers and the power supply, both of which are mounted on a large aluminum plate that acts as a heat spreader. After running a while, I can feel that the back of the cabinet (side closest to the aluminum plate) is slightly warmer than the surrounding air, but it is well within the working range of the electronics. I could put in vent covers on the door, and that was my back up plan, mounted right above the fan on the power supply, but, again, I haven’t seen any issue. The stepper motor drivers are switching current drivers, that’s why you hear a hiss or noise from the motors when they are powered, so they are reasonably efficient from a power perspective. Pretty much all of the power to the motors actually gets to and stays in the motors and you can check them for temperature rise after a period of use. Warm yes, hot no.