C10 Truck CAD Files and Plasma Friendly dxf Files

Seeing if there would be any interest in these files since I no longer have use for them. I have 67-72 C10 3D laser scanned frame rails. These models can be uploaded right into fusion 360. I also have a full front drop Crossmember, complete backhalf for both 63-66 and 67-72 c10. As well as complete chassis files. These files are all dxf and plasma friendly, I have used all of these files and they turned out perfect.


I would be interested.
I just picked up a 75 a couple weeks ago and am replacing pretty much everything but the body and the frame.

I would be interested as well. Building a 67 swb C10. I am using Someone else’s design dropmember and back half but need to design a frame stiffener and transmission mount.

Thanks Darryl

Yes I could use them.

Thanks for the offer

The frame scans would be perfect for that. You would just use the inside holes of the cab mounts or original training arm holes for that.

No problem just message or email me. roa.co@aol.com

I’d also be interested! This would be great to have.

How can I get these files, I am looking for C10 chassis files for making some custom frame rails and crossmembers - thanks

If you COuld mail me the drawing it would be great andrew@dentselectrical.co.za

These files are for sale… not for free sorry if that was misunderstood or taken the incorrect way.

Price please

Would love to get these. I’ve been building a CAD model of my 67 C10 frame and I know it is far from perfect. Sent you an email.

Here’s my model of the frame rails. It is based off of drawings in the C10 assembly manual, and hand measurements. It’s been a rough learning curve, and I know a lot of the features like the bends in the front and rear of the frame are not very accurate.

How much are the C10 files?

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Just depends on what files you are looking for. What is it that you need?

What files are there? The original post was about C10 frame files. Can I make a suggestion: post screen shots of the files you have and the asking price.

Front drop Crossmembers with engine mounts for LS SBC BBC, Air ride Backhalf, trailing arms, complete chassis air ride of Coilover, original C10 frame scan. All of these 3D models have plasma friendly .dxf cut files associated with them. Send me a email for prices, some people like to combine them or just buy individual, some just want the .dxf cut files and 2D prints.

Hello. I’m interested in the files

Bump, all 3D Models and associated .dxf files for the models are ready to go

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Email sent