Bundle Stepper Leads

Hello all, hope your new year is going well. :slight_smile:

I’ve had my Pro since mid-summer, but have just gotten into the assembly stage. We built a new Shouse and I finally have enough room to get it set up.

I have a Gen-3 Primeweld CUT60 and finished the harness for it last evening. I’m stringing all of my X & Y leads now.

My question is this, can I use a split wiring loom to bundle the leads down by the panel to keep them a bit tidier?

Also, on the THC and Z axis leads, can they be bundled next to the torch lead? I don’t think you can NOT have them close together going down the support beam, but just wondering if I can have them semi-bundled leaving the Z head up to the support beam.

I’m sure I will have many more questions when I have it up and functioning.

Thanks, and have a great afternoon!



I had your same thought and began the task of cable management several weeks ago. Used split loom and spiral wrap and began grouping cables accordingly. One thing to watch out for is that some cables don’t offer much in slack and could put strain on the cable at the stepper. So I started at the stepper motor, and worked my way towards the control enclosure. Still have a long way to go, and may eventually implement an energy chain to further clean up and protect the wiring.

chain drives work great for cable management.

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if you look on youtube someone has a video about adding cable chains and guides for them. search for crossfire pro mods and you will find it. Made this change to my pro and it works great and makes everything neat.

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