Broken center drain

Looked under my mill (purchased fully assembled) and the center drain is snapped off. Hose was going pretty much straight down to the tank and I havent bumped it or anything. Anyone had this issue?

Not sure there is much I can do, but maybe find a threaded fitting to put on to connect the hose.

What is it made of? If it’s PVC, you can use a PVC solvent to weld it back together as good as new.

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I finally came out to my mill to wake it up after a 5 month winter nap (my barn is not heated and I live in Michigan.

The drain connection I had “fixed” (found a coupler that would thread on the nub that was left after it broke), well it broke again.

Im 99% srue this is 3D printed…and with a somewhat low infill % as well. Has anyone else seen this? I run the 3d print group at my work and this is not really a good application for that. I have no idea how Im going to fix this now, but Im going to have to come up with something. Very frustrating to come back to this after sitting. Need to get it going so I can get on a few projects Ive been putting off.

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That doesn’t look good. It seems like a coring saw is in your future. Man, that is terrible. I made mine out of aluminum. The forces of nature are not to be reckoned with. The aluminum one would have broken, too. Do you think it might have frozen? I don’t see how.

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I mean it got cold for sure, but there was no liquid in it. Juat the weight of the hose hanging on it. Not not sure what material they used, but if it was just PLA (god i hope not) it wouldnt be able to take those temp swings.

I might try and knock out some sort of adapter on the lathe and see if i can gasket it in. Either way, going to be a few weeks now before i can run this again.

This may be an option for you. Now, this is not NPT. It is a straight thread, but you can screw on a fitting with some gas pipe dope.

I have them in our store if you would like to give it a try. I would machine down the end with your lathe to fit into the drain.
Here is one I found that has a hose nipple cast onto it. It is 1".

They do make smaller ones if this is too large.


Dude, ive taken a break from the forum for the winter, but im happy to see youre still on here and as helpful as ever. You are a ledgend my man!

Ill check out those fittings, thats exactly what i was thinking. Looks like the hole in the bottom of the drain is 7/8" so ill see what i can find to fit that.

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A 3/4 version of this has an outside diameter of the threaded section of just over 1"