Break-in program

I haven’t gotten my last box yet (now scheduled for Wed per UPS) so haven’t had a chance to test this program I created to test some of the limits of the new Pro table. It’s similar to the original break-in program Langmuir has for the Crossfire but setup for the Pro’s size & THC.

If you have yours setup before next weekend, you can try this TAP file to see if it works. After that I’ll try it myself and post the results and/or any changes I need to make. This is two triangles whose diagonals will cross in the middle of the table.

It should run a series of outline & diagonal movements to the extremes (48.5 Y 33.3 X). The initial height should be 0.15" then lower to 0.06" and up to 1" when moving between “cuts”. I’ve left the M3/M5 because I’m not sure that getting rid of them would not also get rid of the THC fast mode (1" rise after a cut) in FireControl. Crossfire Pro setup test - 5x.tap.dxf (4.4 KB) If you run it, please run it with the plasma off so you’re not cutting a big chunk of steel :slight_smile:

It should run at 150IPM.

As usual, just delete the .DXF at the end of the file leaving just the .TAP and it should work.

Tried this but the x and y are backwards. Wanted to run off of the table

Does your machine jog according to this image?

In other words, right arrow should make the torch move to the right. Up arrow key should make the torch move to the back.

It’s not you - it’s me. The Y axis was longer on the Crossfire XL but the Pro switches the long axis to the X and the short axis to the Y.

Here is another one to try. I’ve flipped it so the long axis (48.25) is on the X and the short axis (33.3) is on the Y.

Sorry about the gantry smacking :slight_smile:

As before, just delete the .dxf from the name.

Crossfire Pro Break-in program.tap.dxf (2.7 KB)

Thanks for the program. I ran it last night, it works fine. It does smack the bearings of the y axis carriage into the rail stanchions, I don’t know if that matters or not to be honest.

We have a break-in program on your website for the PRO now here:

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Yeah, I expected it would. I set it for the extreme limits of the published size capacity (48.5"x33.3"). But with the official one now available for download that’s the one to go with. Mine was a stopgap until they had theirs up.

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Thanks, I didn’t realize there was an official one up.

I just noticed it last night myself :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks James we appreciate the stopgap!

Can I ask a new question here? I ran the break in program and only the y axis moved. The x axis stayed still. I can toggle the x axis when not running the break in program. I have not tried any other programs yet

Swap the cables to see if you have faulty cables or connections.