Bravo on an excellent looking new machine

I haven’t been hanging out here in a year or so but the intro e-mail got me excited. this seems like the perfect machine for us here. will watch closely.

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It does look super, But with how good it looks and the videos look good to. The bad part is 6" Z Wow what were they thinking. I guess with what they make it suits them well. In real life a 6" z just wont cut it.

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We wanted to have a lot of X travel and Y travel since our experience is that most run out of X and Y before running out of Z.

While it is true that the Z axis only has 6.1” of travel, it’s important to note that there’s an additional 2” of static bonus travel built into the spindle mount. Maximum clearance from spindle nose to table is 9”. I had to drill and thread mill some 1/4” holes in a 6.5” part the other day and was able to do it with the available travels quite easily.

We recognize the machine has limited clearance, but to us it was worth it to gain a very respectable XY envelope.

For those needing more clearance, riser blocks can be added between the gantry and the X carriages, but there is a small penalty in rigidity.


6" Z is really pretty good for a machine that size and in that price range. Most of the other CNC machines in that price range only have around 3-4" Z travel.

Looks impressively rigid for what it is, if there was an option for an ISO 20 or similar spindle with pneumatic tool retention/release for an extra say~$1000 I’d pull out my wallet in a hurry, even with an auto tool setter it’s a pain to change out tools with an ER collet and re-measure every tool change.


This might just be what finally gets me to tackle CNC machining. I like the size and the enclosure. I look forward to see how LS evolves this line.

Nice job putting together a new offering. It will make a great compliment to the plasma torch machines.

If you get one built, do they put the epoxy on the concrete. Inquiring minds want to know.

Now your next machine a 4ft 25 ton Hydraulic brake press.

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Yes sir, if we build it the base will be epoxy coated for you.

In the same price range as all the other LS offerings!

Can you guys show some details on what this “bonus travel” is? It’s not super clear.

Also second an option to have an atc spindle…the bed size on this is huge and having a quick change tool rack on the bed would be really cool. I guess one could always swap out the spindle with an ATC capable one in the future.

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Check out this link: MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill | Langmuir Systems

Click the arrow key at the right and you’ll see an animation showing what the 2" bonus travel is.

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on a regular mill one would be Z axis on the bed and the other 2" is the quill travel right?. are both this axis programable in the gcode?

Thanks for the link to the animation.

Similar Q as the above poster - how does this work exactly? Is this a manual adjustment like the quill travel on a knee mill?

Any reasons or disadvantages to just leaving this maxed out for maximum height clearance?

It looks like it would have to be manually changed. Since they say its a 2" spacing, it is probably moving the spindle to a different set of mounting holes. (Or if a round spindle, sliding it up in its mounting sleeve)

6" is low, but its in-line with other gantry routers. Avid’s Benchtop machines have 6-9" depending on how you want to assemble it.

I don’t think so. I think the … lets call it a quill retracts above the bottom of the Z-axis housing. so the limit for material is the space under the Z housing and the 2" quill travel is the bonus they talk about. if you have a part tall enough to just clear the bottom of the Z your tool can’t be more than 2" long probably

I’m considering purchasing this mill as I am very pleased with all of my LS products. Naturally all of the add ons offered for the mill are attractive but other than some shipping savings is there any reason not to order the base kit and say a few key must have add ons, then later upgrade or expand the additional features?

If one was to purchase in pieces what would be a good starting point? Assuming the goal is to have a functional machine upon initial delivery and setup.

The way the chips are thrown off that thing I think the housing is a very good idea. I dont think I would buy it without that option at least.

@dbmx415 I think at a minimum you will not be disappointed with the base machine, the enclosure, and the flood coolant setup. This is really all you need to have a really nice running machine (aside from tooling and workholding). Also adding these items on with the base machine shipment saves a lot of money on shipping since they can go in the same shipping crate as the machine. If they get ordered after the fact shipping will be pretty expensive unfortunately.

This will be perfect for the stuff I do as well. I am pretty excited about it and with more and more videos showing its capability/speed/power etc…April 26th cant get here soon enough! I just have to get creative on space in my shop/garage for it. I really like my plasma cutter I received from them and their assistance/support with it. So, I have confidence in their ability to make this machine work as described/shown. Would like to see some more in-depth videos/discussions on the control, canned cycles, etc…


@John_Paullus Thank you for the feedback. I would recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already; we are going to be steadily releasing a ton of content related to running the machine and using CutControl software. Some of the upcoming videos include stainless machining, drilling and tapping steel, and ‘Chip to Chip’ tool change times using the Tool Setter. Stay tuned…