BRASS cut chart

Does anybody have information on cutting 1/8” thick brass plate??? I can’t find any info on it

I just cut some brass. 3/8" thick. People were suggesting that you use the same numbers as aluminum (35ipm). I started here but it only pierced half way through.

I have a Miller 625 extreme and ran wound up running it at 40A and 7 ipm. 10 ipm worked but 7 seemed a bit safer for full penetration. The dross wasn’t bad either.

I would extend the lead in to at least 1/4" because brass doesn’t really cut clean. Entering and exiting with the pierce adds a lot of heat and what not in one area.
My kerf was about 1/8th at these numbers.

I would be worried about fires starting in all that paper /cardboard all around table…

It looks at least 3-4 ft away. I think it’s just the camera perspective.