Bolt not holes not aligned x axis motor mount

The holes are drilled wrong for the x axis motor mount ??? any thoughts??

Are you sure you’ve got the rail oriented correctly front to back & top to bottom? A few folks have found they had the rail upside down. Check the photos in the assembly guide carefully to see where the holes are in relation to each other and match yours to the picture.


Also, the X axis Motor Mount isn’t the same as the two Y axis motor mounts. The mounting bolt pattern is different to match the holes on the gantry tube.

Should probably add a note in the instructions but it’s obvious when you think about it. There are 2 Y motors and 1 X motor. So whenever there are 3 of something like the motor mounts or lead screw bearings if one is different then it’s the X axis one :slightly_smiling_face:

Made sense once I thought about it a bit. It took me awhile to setup the table because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to have to go back & take it apart to fix a mistake :wink:

Ya ironically enough we just added verbiage to the assembly manual yesterday regarding the mounts and their differences.

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image @langmuir-daniel, in this case it looks like I have 1 Y axis bracket and 2 X axis brackets cause the brackets I have 2 of won’t fit on the Y axis holes but will on the X axis

In your picture is the one I’ve marked X? smaller than the one marked Y? It looks like it could be from your picture or it could just be the perspective. If the Y and Y? ones are the same size and the one marked X? is smaller then you’ve got the right ones but have switched them. If they don’t fit it’s likely an orientation issue on the gantry rail. If X? and Y? are the same size then you do have 2 X mounts and only one Y mount.


@Roscoe185 this appears to be our mistake we apologize! Please send us an email at with your order number and we will get you out the missing part!

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@langmuir-mike…email has been sent. Thank you for the great customer service!


Parts package are not marked for which tube they get mounted on.
The X-axis bearing mount does. But holes in the X-axis motor mount do not line up with the gantry tube.
Should i use the other package?