Big Thanks to Lil_Abners_Kustoms and Gamble Garage

Well, when Gamble Garage posted he had a few machine torches left for the RW45 I had to jump on that deal. Let me tell you, I do not regret one penny spent on this upgrade.
Having your hand torch mounted to the machine with the supplied mount from Langmuir is great, but once you start cutting anything thicker than 1/8 you begin to find out if you truly have your torch square to the table.
Well , I never could get it quite square because the weight of the torch usually dropped it a few degrees off center after mounting it. After the machine torch was mounted, I ran some 3/8 and found it to cut true. Great!!
Bonus Feature You dont have to remove the torch to change out your tips and electrodes anymore

This leads me to my next acquirement, the machine torch mounts. After ordering my machine torch I reached out to Steve at Lil_Abners_Kustoms , because one, I’ve seen mounts that he made on here already and seemed like the go to guy for the job.
And secondly, he was local. Gotta support your local guys!

Sent him a pm and he got back to me right away and let me know he was a week or two out from running a new batch. I waited patiently…
A week later I got the pm letting me know that they were ready and I could pick mine up. Headed over that night excited to get my new shiny machined parts (cause who doesn’t nice new machined aluminum parts).
Let me tell you, This guy is top notch in what he does! Absolutely one of the nicest guys I have ever met and a master at what he does. When I showed up he was in the process of making another batch and if this batch had your mounts in it, I apologize. I delayed you parts for a night… lol
I must have talked his ear off for 2.5 hrs about fabbing parts, talking shop and discussing things about local off road industries here in the valley.
Great guy and great to meet another forum member that has similar interests and really will help you out with information about how these magical little tables can be so much more.

Keep up the great work Gamble Garage and Lil_Abners_Kustoms!
And if you folks need stuff for your consumables and torch mounts, do yourself a huge favor and reach out to both of these guys. They will not disappoint.


It really is a nice configuration for the table and machine.

I picked up the torch from Gambler and the pinged to forum to see if someone was interested in fabricating the mount and I had an idea of what I wanted.

One of my first responses to my request was the classic “what are you willing to pay” well !@#$ him he rubbed me the wrong way.

Next the dialog started with Steve at Lil_Abners_Kustoms which proceeded well. Things couldn’t have worked out better. Flew into Phoenix on my way to Yuma and met of with Steve and another person I was doing business with in Phoenix .

As said above Steve was great his shop was clean and he was super hospitable.

I say it again it was great meeting you Steve and thank you for making my mount.

And gambler (Paul ? I get a little fuzzy) thanks for the torch and consumables.


Wes! Thank you for the kind words sir!
Have to give credit to Richard Horn, as it is he who gave me a shot. Paul Gamble for sharing his potential mount ideas off his CNC mill and the rest of you guys for the constructive criticism. Haven’t come across a single member here who I wouldn’t invite to my hobby shop.



Well, this just looks like the bees knees.
So Steve, how does one go about acquiring one of these set ups and the price to play?


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Thanks, much appreciated!
I sold out of the torches quickly! I have more in the works, but it takes a bit of time getting Italian made parts. I’ll have more next month, hopefully sooner

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I too ordered the torch and mounts from Paul and Steve, best thing I’ve done. Huge difference in my cuts. Thanks Guys

Waiting on my mount. Bet it comes while I’m out of town next week :slight_smile:

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