Benchmark Comparison Tormach VS MR1

How does this compare to Tormach 770MX. Spindle speed is a little less but the power is more .

Should you comparison between these 2, I bet this would be a great selling point.

Learning more and more about this every day

I was actually considering a 770 but then the MR1 was announced.

It looks like the spindle power on the MR1 is significantly better than Tormach, and some of the videos I’ve seen show really aggressive cuts that I don’t see on a 770.

Weight class looks around the same and seems like Langmuir has put a lot of thought into rigidity.

My biggest concern was not having an ATC or power draw bar compared to the 770…the 770 also has more Z travel/clearance.

For me, I think given the big price difference I’m going to go with the MR1 and see where it takes me.

Would love to see some real comparison videos though!


@leonhart88 Not having ATC is not a huge issue for prototyping but if you want to start small run, then u have to baby sit all the time. The new 770MX has BT30 which is compatible with higher end machine.

I honestly think that if this machine does what it does like in the video without hiccups, this is better performance than 770M for a fraction. The Z could hurt you but if 6” depth is not bad. You just need to be more efficient with your fixturing. This machine is perfect to do 2.5D work, like cleaning up the laser cut profile and putting a bunch of slots and holes. This is perfect for making knife actually.

Show us the video comparison between 770M be MR1. This would absolutely blow them out of the water.

Adding the vise to the mix and it would get real tight for anything big.

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Yeah - my use case is for rapid prototyping and one-offs, where I will probably have to be at the machine for most of the run anyway, so I think this will fit my needs without breaking the bank. I think there’s a ton of opportunity to learn exactly what I need and validate any business opportunities this way without spending 30K on a tormach, while still being able to cut metal without being a snail.

Even if the business case is justified, I won’t get $30K Brand new Tormach. I would get Syil X7 for another $7K. Syil is probably the best money can buy for entry level production quality CNC and for $30K range, I would look for 2010-2015 Haas Mini.

I’m certain I would need to upgrade, but the cost of this MR1 is tempting. This MR-1 is literally a MUCH nicer version of my home built G0704 with enclosure. Even with my G0704, I only used 3.5" max Z anyway.

Would love to see the component brands name and its spec (the linear drive system).


Would love to see the component brands name and its spec (the linear drive system).

ALIBABA Doubt if one piece was USA made.

Exactly - the MR-1 can be used as a low cost stepping stone up to a real machine - whether that’s a used Haas or whatever. Only issue for me is that I can’t fit a Haas in my space, so I’m stuck with very limited options if/when I do need to upgrade…but that’s a problem down the road :sweat_smile:

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I think they priced the MR-1 to fill the entry level niche. I’d love to see an ATC spindle option with a wine rack tool holder set up down the line…
But the price vs power and work area is pretty much the best you can get right now. Comparable options are all over 20k and take up much more floor space.