Bearing are a really tight fit

This may have already been discussed. Do these bearings need to be pressed in, or do I need to sand off the anodizing? It seems like it is such a tight fit, that pressing them would damage something. image

the instructions do say you might need a press…
I used a couple of blocks of wood and a c-clamp…went very smoothly.
Ibet if you took a real fine emery sand paper you could sand the inside of the red bracket to take off the powder coating…

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I used a press as I found the suggested technique of using a clamp cumbersome, allowing the bearing to go in crooked. As with any bearing make sure you apply the force to the outer race. I just layed a flat piece of 1/4" steel on top of the bearing. You shouldn’t sand it.

Thanks for the help. I did lightly sand the inside with some 400 grit paper and was able to get the bearings in.