Batch 2 ... Closing in soon!

@langmuir-daniel As we have now entered into March, I wanted to follow-up and see if there are any anticipated dates for Batch 2 deliveries yet?

not there yet, im in batch one and still waiting for box 3 and the THC. i got a notice from UPS that the label was made, but it has yet to start walking.

I’m in batch 2 # 9400. I just got a confirmation email. My Pro Machine Torch mount will arrive today.

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I’m in batch 1 8772 I hoping to see movement of my torch height control and box two sometime this week. My torch mount is out for delivery today

So we’re a bit always from Batch 2 starting shipment, however today I received my machine torch mount upgrade! Just waiting on the rest of the Pro now!

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8774… we will get them about the same time.

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Got my torch mount today. Shipment notification for THC five minutes ago. All I need is box two and where on.

Got my machine torch mount today too! Starting to get real!

Is ORDER #9183 anywhere near beginning it’s journey to me anytime soon…had to ask :joy: