Baffles/Guards to protect ball-screws & linear rails?

Hi, I’m interested in the MR-1 and noticed during various videos that the ballscrews and linear rails are exposed to a lot of flying chips.

Has anyone experienced issues from this, or designed a cover/baffle to try and address it?


No, the ball screws and rails are not affected at all.

I wouldn’t let chips excessively pile up on any rails or ballscrews just to see if it would cause problems, but in normal operation they do just fine and “wipe” the chips away from the internals.
Going on 70 hours of operation on mine so far, and I just brush the chips away when changing tools or parts. Just give it a decent wash down or brushing when you’re cleaning out the chips for they day and it will be fine :+1:
Someone did come up with a “splash guard” of sorts to shield the Y axis rails from chips. I don’t think it’s entirely necessary though.

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