Assemble without water table?

Is the water table integral to the assembly or can the table be used without it in place? Thinking about downdraft options…

The water table comes standard on the PRO. You can elect not to install, but will need to fabricate some new slat holder brackets.

Will the water table on the pro be the same depth as the crossfire? A deeper water bed would be a great addition. I know alot of us have burned thru the bottom of the water bed on our current tables. 6 inch deep would great but atleast 4inch.

The water table on the PRO is the same depth as the one on the CrossFire but it is thicker. I haven’t seen any reports of holes being burned through the CrossFire water table. Can you PM me a picture of what yours looks like?

I have no personal first hand experience with the original Crossfire, however here is a youtube video from Joshua Zimmerman that shows some holes in the original table as well as the new water pan he constructed. Note it seems he is cutting mostly thick plate with a Hypertherm 85.

isnt the point of a water table to have the water level up to the bottom of the part not 2" below it?

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In my experience, when fluid is up to the backside of the material, the airstream coming through the tip creates a ridiculous mess. Staying around 1.5" below the material still provides cooling while lessening the mess considerably.