Articulating monitor mount for crossfire XR

I’ve had my table up and running for a couple of weeks; decided to swap out the rigid monitor arm for an articulating one. So much nicer to be able to swivel the monitor around; frees up the space around that corner of the table. I put together a video of the process:

This is the arm I used:

This is the power strip I installed:


Well I was looking for XR mods and I found some. Thank you for sharing!

I’m wondering how much cable you have for the computer monitor if I can mount it to the wall next to where I’m going to put my machine.?

There are 3 cables; USB (runs between the PC and the electronics enclosure), power for the monitor, and power for the PC. In my case, the PC power cable was the shortest. I had to add an extension cable when I installed the articulating mount. The other 2 cables were long enough, with a few inches to spare. I already had the necessary extension cable (uses the same plugs as 12V LED strip lights). This is the extension I used:

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I like this mount would you be willing to share the plates you made to mount it?


Sure, here is a link to download a zip file containing the two DXF’s I drew up. since I already had the TAP files, they are included too.


Awesome Thank you.

Matt, thank you for posting the videos on your XR. Just finished putting mine together and it was great to reference those.

Throwing out another option for power strip here. I like these for a couple reasons.

  1. magnetic, no drilling needed. Allows excellent location due to short cables coming from PC.
  2. has USB charge ports which you can use for the remote keyboard/pendent
  3. pick your color.

There is also a super coupon for these right now for $24.99

i downloaded them and they seem to be quite large. Do we have to size them down? thanks

They did the same to me came out very large in sheet cam. You have to just load the tap file directly into fire control and it works just fine.