Are units being shipped by order number?

geez can’t you guys be patient? They have better things to do than to look up each and every order to give you an ETA. Go to your email and search Langmuir and see if your shipping info shows up. If not try again a few days later


I checked today 8-2-18, my order #1171 tentatively shipping the 6th-10th

I think we all been patient to a point I’m a start up company to and this is starting to kill me.

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How did you find this information out ?

I emailed them, and asked.

I know everyone is excited, but the more time they have to take away to answer people when their CNC is coming, someone is pulled away from other things like building or shipping or something else. If Joshua is 1170 and it’s shipping next week, then they are averaging around 56 units a week if they are going in order, starting from the week of July 23rd. I am #1407 so I figure I won’t have mine until around mid September, unless they do get their shipping increase, and the fact they are fixing problems like the Lead nut binding issue to send quality machines should make people feel at ease they will get a good working machine. No one will get their machine until they get it. If mine come before when I calculated it, based on what I think I know, Great! and if it takes longer, well that’s part of per-ordering a new product. The fact that people are getting Machines now is a relief when you see Start ups who have ran with peoples money. Thanks to Langmuir and all they are trying to achieve as a new company and offering an affordable CNC plasma set up. Look forward to it’s arrival. It is better to be patient and get a quality machine, than impatient and receive a machine fraught with issues and aggravation.


That’s exactly it! Would you rather have a fully functional machine that takes a week or two longer to get or a non functional machine that shows up sooner?

In the meanwhile get all your files together and material so when it does show up you can just assemble and start cutting. I’m probably more patient than most because I already have a running cnc plasma table.

Also you can’t put all the pressure on them only. They have suppliers that have to meet their demand too. So things could get delayed if even one of their suppliers don’t meet their demand on time. They ship the product as a whole. Not piece by piece.


:slightly_smiling_face: I was an early pre-order of the Glowforge laser. It was two years late. I was amazed by the number of people asking how to design things even though for most of the last year there were tutorials & instructions posted.

It seemed like as long as there wasn’t a box in the living room there wasn’t an incentive to start learning how to use Inkscape or Fusion or any of the other design tools. Then it showed up and everyone freaked :grin:

Anyone who hasn’t got CNC or Fusion 360 experience should at a minimum follow the tutorials Langmuir has posted. Better yet, they should also start designing stuff they want to make. Then instead of looking at the shiny tool in the garage and then starting designs you’ll be cutting the first day.

Once you’re over the Crossfire operational learning curve you’re going to spend 2, 3 or more times as much time in the design software than you are at the machine cutting.

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The easiest part of the process is running the machine. That’s why we really don’t have many cutting tutorials, there’s just not that much to it. Meanwhile, we have a long list of CAD/CAM tutorial videos that we still need to prepare.


:slightly_smiling_face: Definitely. But new folks never believe that until they see for themselves. :grin: I teach operations for all of the different CNC machines at our local Makerspace and within an hour or so everyone is cutting or engraving projects - after their first couple they’re fine operating the machine or even defining toolpaths & operations but then they start getting into the CAD side of things and the questions really start.

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Yeah, compared to many similar product launches that I’ve seen over the years, this one has been remarkable in terms of communication, documentation, timeliness and overall quality for the price point (even at full price, the discount is a steal). I’m still waiting for my water table, but so far this launch has gone off really well compared to products like the GlowForge (which people still seemed to love in the end).

The initial deep discount was a way to fund the production launch, but also takes into account the fact that risks like manufacturing delays, design flaws, shipping problems, reliability issues in real world testing, etc. are a part of launching an entire product and the company around it from scratch. Apple doesn’t give you a major discount if you’re an early adopter for a new phone. Miller doesn’t for a new welder. The expectations aren’t the same.

It’s unfortunate to hear that some people factored the original price and schedule into their business plans, but waiting a few extra months, reading the reviews and purchasing the machine at full cost but with no delay or uncertainty probably would have made more sense for someone looking to make money with one of these.

As a hobbyist/maker type, so far this campaign, the product design and quality have greatly exceeded my expectations.


Exactly! Although I will say that it does help immensely if you know how to read and modify g-code. Sometimes it’s much faster to edit a few lines of code versus going back into F360 and re-posting a revised program. Once things reach a steady state in terms of our operations, we would love to complete a series that’s based wholly on writing/modifying g-code for plasma cutting.


Haha! I’m the exact opposite (& I spent a fair part of my life as a programmer). I’ll modify the design & regenerate even if it takes a bit longer just so I can keep them in sync. Otherwise I know I’ll go to grab an old design someday to modify for some other reason and won’t have that G-code mod in there until I recut and remember I modified it manually.


Brent It must be really nice for you to be able sit back and throw stones since you’ve already received your machine. Looking back at your post you were question the same thing about delivering times and where they were at with delivery. You actually ask for some kind of a meter so people could track delivery. So I guess you’re not as patient as you like the rest of us believe you are.

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Hi all - please email us directly for the tentative date your table will ship - I’d be happy to give you that info but I don’t want to bog down the forum with answering each one here. Thanks! -Megan


Sorry if my original post came across as asking for any sort of update on when mine would arrive specifically. It was meant to be a more general question.

I noticed that I was checking the forums for shipped order number updates and figured I wouldn’t be the only one trying to gauge that way. I figured that if the tables were being shipped by order number, they might be able to integrate the highest table order number into the website somewhere so people could make a rough estimate on their own and stop asking/refreshing/etc. It was more for people much farther down the line than me.

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That would be useful - a once per day update taking a few minutes and then no one would need to ask about theirs (but they would anyway :slight_smile:)

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You should be a politician

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I checked my email at the shop before heading back to the White House, order #1197 shipped today. Thanks Langmuir


I sent a FB msg and got a response that my order (1553) will ship between 8/27 and 8/31 so you can all figure based on your order numbers and the aprox order fullfilment rate

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