ARCFLAT Weld Table Instagram Giveaway - 5 Winners Picked!

Langmuir Systems is excited to announce our second Instagram GIVEAWAY: 5 Lucky Winners will receive a full ArcFlat Fixture Weld Table including Leg Kit and free shipping! An $850 value.

To enter:

Contest ends Friday, February 12th, 2021 at Midnight PST. 5 Winners will be selected at random from eligible entries and announced February 15th, 2021. Valid for ages 18+. Contiguous US only. Giveaway items will ship out to the winners approximately 1 week after winners are announced. We will contact the winners via DM for shipping information. No purchase necessary. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

Very cool. I’d enter, but I don’t use Instagram. Maybe I can get my daughter to enter for me!

You know what would be really awesome, hear me out, is if you chose participants based off who has been providing free customer support for you guys for almost the last year (2+ for the OGs)…


Or just draw from the loyal and repeat customers you have. That data base of names of those who have purchesed a table. ( in some of our cases 2 tables ) Kinda feels like being punished for not having Instagram.


From a business standpoint, this whole thing is really smart.

A forum to head off all the basic redundant questions and even advanced stuff. Seldom do tech issues seem to advance to Langmuir staff.

Instagram tags for free advertising and embedded example photos on their main site.

Why on earth would they give prizes to people who are already working for them for free? The whole point of this is to drive more people into the free marketing vortex. Because it’s the right thing to do, or “fair”? Errr no.

The only way to disrupt this is to stop working for them for free. If you think about it, the information for all of this is already out there. A lot of people just can’t go find it and it’s easier to ask here or Facebook. I can’t even scroll through the Facebook group anymore without wanting to beat my head on the desk. Yes we were all there at once, but it’s the same question every two posts.

As far as the marketing, well it’s a good way for us to connect and show off, but it’s also free advertising for Langmuir. You really can’t blame them for wanting to get more bang for their (I’d say say buck but it’s really more like bang for their nickel).

I’m to the point now where I’m probably going to phase out the forum and Facebook group. Not because of a grudge or anything, but at a certain point I feel like you meet a threshold of helpfulness and your forum debt is paid off. Unless they let me advertise consulting services for table owners… lol.

Anyway, while I’ll say boo! to a giveaway that requires more effort from me to enter, I don’t blame them.


Although I appreciate your market analysis and alot of blah blah blah, Really the time for complacency is over and it is about time if you believe in the bill of rights and the Constitution that you make a stand against platforms that censor anyone they don’t agree with

Oh you’re here for the revolution? I heard it was on Parler.

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How about let’s save up taking a stand for after I win the table! It’s a welding table give a way fellas…I’m sure there are more worthy places to storm the hill and brandish the pitchfork on. Thanks LS for doing it…hope I win! :+1::smiley:

Once I’ve got the table here and I’ve had a chance to oogle it for a while, I’ll use it to weld up a super level pitchfork and I’ll be behind you all the way!


Yeah I entered too. I don’t know who to tag though, lol.

Well this lets me out also.

OK! Is this give away thing a good thing or not? I do not use Instagram either but I sighed up anyway. It is a free table and I am a customer. I have an account on face book but I very seldom use it, as I will for Instagram. Too much of nothing there.

I could only like you post once but wanted to reach out. Glass raised and say cheers.

Lol. I regret that post, honestly it’s childish thinking to say “what about me?” I knew what I was getting into when I bought the table, participated in the forums and tagged Langmuir in everything I post.

I mean, we don’t help each other here because we thought we’d get a free welding table out of it. We just do it.

Perhaps it’s a testament to how much we love our tables and how much we love Langmuir for putting this within our reach. We have a sense of ownership and feel left out?

Meh. Instagram is great though. I never had an account until I wanted to sell stuff and network and have an easy to share portfolio. Regardless of how they treat speech they disagree with, I want to use their services for my own benefit. The second I didn’t need them, I wouldn’t use them.


I don’t think it was childish at all. We all post on the forum for various reasons. Offering up advice, answering questions, asking questions and showing off your latest creation etc

We answer questions because we like to help others and we get the warm and fuzzies when our advice solves their problem. With out that community, how many more service calls would Langmuir have? how many more unhappy customs would Langmuir have? how many more returned systems would Langmuir have?

A welding table may be a bit ambitious as a gift to give back to the community, but a discount voucher for their store or some merchandise shouldn’t be out the question. Just to show some appreciation to your most loyal customers for their continuing support and offering help and advice to others.

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Now there’s a good idea, offer some sort of discount program for anyone who has bought a Crossfire. It doesn’t need to be huge, but something to show the loyalty is reciprocated.

too bad it is only for the USA…all the others who have purchased and supported…and who have spread the word of this product are left out…

it would be nice to have the option to enter…if entering meant we could pay the extra shipping cost for a chance to win…

but nope…no chance for the rest of the world…

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I have to agree.

I really don’t think Langmuir cares what the buyers think, as long as they can keep selling product and make money.

As far as the forum it has helped them out big time as customers are helping each other with fixes so they don’t have to spend their time or money doing it.

Having a drawing for a welding table was fine. But they should have made it so everyone could have entered.

I din’t even know about it till this thread.

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I am posting this here as well…I sent this to Langmuir in hopes that they might change thier mind on some parts of the give-away…

I am not on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and I intend to stay that way. If I did win a table the cost of shipping that to Trinidad along with the duties and taxes would be horrific. So that rules me out too. :cry:

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My daughter entered for me. I think she got all her college sorority sisters to enter as well and they all tagged each other, so your chances of winning are now less than zero. There’s no need to enter at this point - you’re just wasting your time. :grin:

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