Arcade controls

A random thought that occurred to me while looking over cut control and the keyboard shortcuts. I think the specified mini keyboard will have it’s place but I would like something with bigger buttons.

So what about arcade controls? Very cheap, usb interface, configurable for what the buttons do. I’m thinking of a small mounted panel with a joystick for X-Y motion and buttons for Z+, Z-, start, and stop.

Using a kit like this:…

Or maybe something more plug and play:…

arcade example

Some might scoff at using this in an industrial application but I say why not. I did something like this on my Bridgeport using a VFD and it’s awesome to use.


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I have a couple box of goodies to go through for just this very thing.

Arcade joysticks too

It’s exactly the same kit as you linked above

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This is getting exciting!

Definitely something I’ll be looking at doing once the machine is all set up

I did similar with my old grizzly and an Xbox controller. It was unbelievably helpful!

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Brilliant idea. I was going to just get a simple MPG set up but your idea is pretty cool.

The x box controller is pretty cool! Another option to consider now ha

It went off Mach3, someone had already made a plug in for it to use the controller as a pendant.

But I bet with something like PP Joy, you could easily map out the axis and use them as “key strokes.” But that’s kind of conjecture as I haven’t actually had a chance to checkout cut control yet

Thanks so much. They are awesome :ok_hand:

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I will like to make something like this work? 6 axis Manual Pulse Generator CNC MPG Controller Hand Held Wheel Encoderr Pendant TM1474-100BSL5

I’m not a fan of the pendant keyboard either. Battery contacts were broken upon arrival. I used a wireless Xbox controller and mapped (Joy2Key) a joystick for XY control and the D-pad up/down for Z and left/right for tab, etc.


The Xbox controller looks like a nice solution!

I think I’m going to give this thing a try. I hope it works good.

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I think its designed for Mach 3… I don’t believe it will work on the MR1. If it works let us know. Sure looks trick.

@Cpt_UhOh Gotta ask, Is the sound deadening stuff for resonate vibrations or?

And yeah, @Rotator definitely interested in seeing if you can get that pendant to work for you. Those definitely have a lot of nice options. Unfortunately, with the way the software interface works, I was afraid the biggest hurdle with one of those, is to figure out how to map the buttons without being constrained to the built-in keyboard shortcuts.

I’m pretty sure it will work great. It came today with a package that also had a Centroid Acorn Six motion controller in it. I’m looking forward to pairing the pendant with a fourth axis.



If you get it working, please post and explain how! I’d really like to get a proper wheel working with my machine. Button based jogging isn’t ideal.

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Yeah that will definitely help a tad! :grin:

Will do. I’ll document the whole deal and share it for everyone.

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You haven’t got that thing operating yet…what’s taking so long!!! LOL :crazy_face: