Arc voltage lost after cutting an inch - SOLVED

Not sure what happened here. It’s been cutting just fine until now. I cut a bunch of stuff out with no issues and now all of a sudden it won’t cut anything. After an inch of cutting it loses arc voltage. SmartV is on at the start of cut and then when it loses arc voltage live and nominal reads 40+ volts. I changed the consumables and that did not fix it. Anyone know what’s going on here?

Some quick questions:

What Plasma Cutter are you running?
What kind of nominal voltages were you seeing before when it was not throwing the AVL?
Have you updated the firmware on your THC to the latest, v1.07?

Hypertherm 45 XP with CNC port and machine torch. Firmware is v1.06. The voltage went from SmartV and then jumped to 40+ and then it stopped

I think I just realized what the problem is. My air compressor was at 30 psi. I turn it off temporarily and forgot to turn it back on.

Let us know if that solves it!

Yes, that was the problem. Running perfectly now!