Apropos of nothing... first pre-order

I raced motocross for many years, so first off the gate holds a special place in my heart… Any way you could let anyone who posts in this thread know if they were indeed the FIRST pre-order?

It was me. LOL can’t wait to get it that for sure.

Tried my best to get the hole shot on preorder day… not sure how I did but would be fun to know lol

I should be in the top ten … but who knows … I wanted to make sure I was one of the lucky in the first preorder…

Don’t know where I am but I kept hitting refresh the morning of presale until it allowed me to continue.

If the order numbers started at #8360 as shown in the recent shipping update email, I was the 2nd order at #8361. I didn’t want to miss out on the first batch, so I was quick to place my order asap.

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I salute you, that is some impressive hole-shot skill.

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I feel pretty lucky.

thats pretty impressive if thats the case.
i ordered mine the second the clock hit 7am the morning of and i ended up with order 8566. meaning they got over 200 orders in within minutes of the release.

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I was 8418 and also a “hit the button as soon as the clock ticked” :grin:

Im starting to see why I couldnt get my order in imediatly, The list is growing on who was holding me back.:slight_smile:

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Yeah I did just the same as you guys, placed the order as soon as the site allowed me.

I believe expectant Mothers call this “nesting”… I feel like I lost an arm since I decommissioned my Crossfire…


I’m not shutting down the XL until I’ve had the Pro working for a few weeks :grin:

I’m order 8360… do i win anything? LOL!

A signed first-shipment?

Better watch out, order number 9750 might start stalking you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have also started sorting out the shop to make the change. I’ll be keeping my Crossfire XL up and running until i get the Pro all set up and several cuts under way. Then i’ll figure out how to sell off the XL.
I do have to say i have been very impressed with the quality and support I have received from Langmuir. Top notch! Not gonna lie, i was nervous when i first ordered my Crossfire. But it didn’t take long for that to subside and i’m very happy with my purchases from Langmuir. Looking forward to getting the Pro setup, learning the new software and continuing to build my little metal business in 2020!

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damn, first order !!!

you got that fast internet huh? hack the pentagon speed internet.

When will the new software be available for download?.. I’m looking forward to playing around with it before I get the new table…

FireControl software download and all of the documentation (assembly manual, FireControl user guide, and THC user guide) will be available prior to the first batch of Box 2 shipments on February 14.

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