Anyone willing to help?

@MMFab those are amazing jobs
Are you just tracing a bitmap with those cutouts? So do you load a pic and then have the software trace it?
I have CorelDraw and Affinity and would like to give this a shot.

I would hate to think about what my wife would do without her furry kids!!


Thanks everyone I think I was able to get a great understanding on how to do this, thanks for y’all’s guidance and also all your kind words of support. I was never able to have real children, she to me was my child. In the meantime I made a scale size metal cut out from one

of the pictures. I placed it by the gate where she would often wait for me when I was in the shop. I would see her little silhouette out my shop window, and I would walk down open the gate so she can join me in the shop.


OMGosh, that would make me tear up every time I saw that image at the fence. :cry:

But I understand, you are keeping the feelings close by.

Did you cut these using plasma cutter @Kwikfab ? How did the lines come out so crisp and the small level of detail?

I used a .6mm tip which I think is the smallest and probably wouldn’t be able to get this level of detail.

Plasma cutter

And I used a 1.0 normal tip (45 amp)

Just make sure your kerf values are correct in your CAM software


Thank you for your service and sorry about your loss. Good luck with your project.

What speed are you cutting? I just just the regular 45xp electrode and nozzle and cut 14g at like 240 ipm. I regularly have parts that are .030 wide. The trick is to crank it up and let it eat. Minimize the time the the torch can be applying heat to the part.


That’s impressive. How do you get F360 to create those cut paths (assuming that’s what you use)… any time I have a very detailed drawing F360 ignores the lines and doesn’t draw the toolpath. ChelanJim helped me with my settings but even then I can’t get the fine detail. Would love to hear your thoughts.

And have a caliper! :rofl: :rofl:

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I use sheetcam. Fusion is awesome for CAD. But is awful for CAM jet cutting. Sheetcam is like 100x better. I used to be one of the guys that would bad mouth sheetcam and say fusion is the way :joy:

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I use both (among other programs), but for Plasma Cutting, I ONLY use SheetCam for CAM, no matter what the design source is. I use Fusion CAM for 2.5D & 3D routing on my CNC router if the design is done with Fusion. I wouldn’t go out of my way to use Fusion for CAM only, however.


Funny story about that caliper. I had it for a couple years, dropped it shortly after that picture and it broke. Eh, cost of doing business so I bought another one. Day 3 my shirt sleeve snagged it and pulled it off the table. Dead on impact. $190 caliper and $90 to repair it. Meh, I guess it’s back to the $20 Menards calipers now :joy:


I bought these. They work but are as heavy as a pipe wrench…that IS an exaggeration but I have another brand that is easily 50% lighter.

The one thing you have to remember with this model, you have to lock it down when you are done and want it to stay off. Any slight movement will turn it on again even if you pushed the OFF button.

And a Mitutoyo to boot


Yes, but only if you want accuracy and long battery life. Otherwise any POS will do. :rofl:

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I really like the carbide jaws on the mitutoyo. They scribe with basically no pressure at all. Awesome for marking bend lines.

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