Anyone willing to help?

I was wondering if anyone of y’all can help me out, My dog of 14 years just passed away, she was my service dog, its been a rough few days, and want to cut out a life size image of her, i was thinking a silhouette of her but to include facial features. I am not good at this sort of things, i was just hoping someone in this group is a wiz at that sort of thing.

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It’s great that you already removed the background so now just use this free SVG converter by uploading your picture and check if you like any of the filters. it’s not perfect and you’ll still have a bunch of clean up but might help convert into something you like. I did a video a while ago, but audio is really bad. sorry

Free SVG Converter (

Maybe you can follow along without audio -


I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Those pets really become part of our existence. They rely, depend and care about us probably as much as we care about them. Some of those critters are never, really replaced even when we get another dog or cat or whatever creature you have bonded.

Look at BigDaddy: He took care of Mrs. BigDaddy’s Chihuahuas and he can’t stop talking about them…or was it me… :man_shrugging:
Come to think of it, I keep bringing it up :man_facepalming: :rofl:…nevermind about BigDaddy. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


“This is true: Mrs. Bigdaddy2166 loves those dogs.” They are better than people.


I gotchu. I do these a lot. Gimme a bit. Here are some I’ve done in the past.


Man alive! Those are sensational!

I like the breed…can’t quite make it out!? :wink:


Thanks, I appreciate it. Bottom 2 are just renderings, for some reason they didn’t want it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Our vet keeps trying to get me to advertise them at the clinic. Ain’t got no time for that :joy: I’d farm them out to a laser shop if I did.


It is very thoughtful for you to help out here for Eric @hazmat446.

Do you happen to have any other pictures with her muzzle angled a little more? I can make those ones work, but straight on shots never turn out as good as a little angle.

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Don is that software safe to use, I really don’t want to be hacked… I do appreciate your help.

Absolutely let me look for some

I can understand. It wasn’t anything to do with not appreciating what you did. I had to put my dog of 14 years to sleep (shepherd/lab mix). The sight of anything of his (dog hair, dog bowl, lease, collar) had to be out of sight or I would start crying again…for years. It was well over a decade before I wanted a photo in our hallway of him. It still makes me tear up and this is now 28 some odd years later.

Now our last dog…different story. I could use her dog lease to tie up firewood bundles. Never bonded with her.

Current dog is in between: closer to the shepherd mix.


That pic2svg is a great site. I use it all the time for over a year.


I hear ya, the 2nd one there was my pup. I couldn’t bring myself to make the cut file for almost a year after she passed. We definitely don’t deserve dogs.


I never had a dog growing up. So a couple months after my 30th my girlfriend now wife brought this small little Furball. I instantly fell in love. The hardest part was leaving her on my deployments. When I got injured bad enough to be medically discharged she never left my side after three surgeries she kept me company 24/7. Now at the age of 44 we never had children, she was the closest thing. Her death has really torn me, as you can imagine. She never left my side. I thank everyones efforts in helping me


Dogs have that forever innocence and willingness to overlook our shortcomings.

Except that last dog I referenced: she was the devil and meant to cause angst every moment of the day! :rage: :crazy_face: She lived to 14 as well. (Border collie mix)


That last one is a winner. I’ll see what I can do. You know roughly what size you’re looking for? My favorite is always 16x20. Not huge but big enough to get some good detail.


From the the bottom of her foot to the tip of her ear measured 17 inches, her shoulder width was roughly 10 inches. I never took her length

Hope this is what you’re looking for! Haven’t done one of these in awhile so I was a little rusty!

doggo3 svg

16x20 doggo3 v1.f3d (3.0 MB)

Doggo3 dxf.dxf (630.0 KB)