Anyone using SterlingCool Plasma Coolant

Is anyone using SterlingCool. About $150.00 for 5 galls. Uses 20:1 dilution. Free shipping. I found their site this morning.


I would be interested in knowing if anyone has used this also.


I use borax. Pour some (about a cup) in the water and zero rust. Works greats and much less money


I’ve been using the sterling cool for about a month now and been happy with it! I cut some parts and left them on the table see how fast they might rust. Well 2 weeks later still nothing. It’s a small price to pay but my table also doesn’t look like a science experiment with stuff growing!

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I use it also. There may be a few threads on it. @sr71xjet I think uses it too. We like it.

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brownfox is correct. I use it and like it very much. going on 3 weeks now.

2 out of my 8 zinc flange bolts had an interesting reaction to the fluid, had some white growth. Cleaned right off but was weird.

Turned pretty dark after a bunch of cuts but cleared up after a drain and fill.

No spots on my rails or torch anymore either.

So, what is the gang doing to recycle their plasma fluid. What are you using to filter it so it stays clean…Anyone?

The big question is… what color is it?:grinning:

I use Greencut for my additive and so far so good.

I do monitor the Ph level and adjust as needed.
I always let my fluid settle for a day before I drain the table into the reservoir tank…
I am now installing this type of sediment filter
and will circulate my water through it with my pump…

as for disposal…Greencut is 100% safe for the environment and can be poured down the drain…

right now the color is dark dark green…Ph is right in the middle…and nothing rusts at all

I bought two filters to run mine through. One on drain and one on fill to keep my little pump healthy.