Anyone Here Using Shapr3D?

Shaper3D is CAD: I find it extremely enjoyable to design parts with it. It’s a lot more “hands on” (literally). That said, with your input the flow would be:

  1. Design in Shapr3D (CAD)
  2. Import into Fusion 360 (to CAM)
  3. FireControl to send GCode to the mill

Yes that is one option. A lot of people on here will tell you to go with SheetCam over F360 as your CAM program. A lot easier to use than F360, but cost around $100. They claim it’s well worth the money in the time it will save you.

But I’m not one of these people.

I prefer to try to do every possible application in Fusion 360.

Then use fire control.


I’m the same. I use F360 for CAD and CAM. I forced myself to learn it and will stick with it. I did buy SheetCam and tried it couple of times and do see where it would very useful and save time, I just need to find time to learn it. I would recommend SheetCam to someone with no experience with F360. Wouldn’t be worth the time to learn F360 it just for CAM.


I was able to get a free Fusion360 1 year subscription, so I’ll thoroughly learn it during that time (for both CAD and CAM), then decide from there as far as SheetCam. Thanks for the input!

And after a year you can renew your free license

It’s pretty expensive software.

I did make a very basic set of tutorial videos you can check out.

Product design online is an amazing resource as well. I would go over this 22 video sketch playlist thoroughly.


@TinWhisperer First, thank you for the renewal tip!!! Second, I subscribed to your channel. I like how the videos are broken up into easily digestible chunks. I see you have over 150K subscribers. I hope to get there one day! I will be a while though, I just crossed 1750. :laughing:

I wish but I’m not product development online.

I don’t have any subscribers just what I post here on the Forum.
Practical Fusion 360 videos on the Forum is it for me.
If you click my avatar there is also a link there
My videos are more geared to using Fusion 360 with the langmuir to produce practical components

I had considered making a YouTube channel but I’m not there yet.


I do have one YouTube channel I created in 2009 but for the life of me I can’t find the password to access it anymore. It has a whopping 300 subscribers.

It was before the Google takeover.

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@ObsidianDefense Shapr3d is a great tool, I have used it for just over a year now and is how I got started in CAD.
Fusion 360 is light years ahead if you really want intricate parts, if it’s something simple I still reach for my iPad.

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The biggest difference I noticed between sheetcam and fusion is the amount of G code it generates. Sheetcam seems to create less lines and much easier to sift through. Unless I was doing something wrong, I just remembered using fusion for gcode on the then, 1st crossfire and mach 3. Was a nightmare to go back and restart if you needed, say for a misfire. Once I went to sheetcam it was much easier for me even in mach 3. I also find it much faster for doing all the toolpaths. Fast forward a few years and Im being forced to learn how to use CAD for an array of things. Iv been having parts machined and its killing me not to be able to make models, I can def learn it I just need the time. So I been watching videos. Once I get a new cpu Im going to download Fusion again. It was giving me tons of fits when they did updates, so I was forced to go to sheetcam. Iv been watching some videos on Design Spark also but will just stick with fusion.

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Take the time to learn Fusion especially if you have a MR1 on order. All this other stuff is just that. Watch videos, take a Fusion class at a local community College.
I pay $60 per month for commercial one place Fusion account. I can use it on 20 computers if I want. Just one at a time.
My CrossFire Pro makes me that in 10 minutes of work.
I get it. Its complicated, but you can do it.

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Shapr3D is a pretty powerful software and being further developed.
I’m not a fan of monthly subscriptions but it is what it is.

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Shapr3D is still $20 per month . Free version is very limited to what you can do.

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Fusion 360 hobby license lets you do plemty with 3D milling CAD/CAM.

Have been using it for 3 years for everything from 3D printing exporting STL files to doing CAM for aluminum projects. Few years back they removed rapids and hid them behind a pay wall along with only having 10 editable files at once but it IS possible to do a great many things for free.

I like the idea of shapr3d.Im considering getting a tablet with a pen so i can sit around while watching tv with the family and design.

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That is one of the biggest selling points in my opinion, I can work on designs just about anywhere. I don’t have to be tied to a computer. That and the fact that the part seems more tangible (for lack of a better word) during the design process.

Been using Shapr3d and the Apple Pencil for about a week. Starting to make sense and trying to figure out limitations of the free version vs online tutorials. All I have presently is the IPad. They say MeshCam can be used to generate G-code for CNC but they only have it available for regular Mac OS or Windows. Fusion 360 is obviously an option for IPad but MeshCam sounded so much simpler.

They have made sure the free version is just to try out the program it seems.The quality of the exported file is so bad its not usable.I may still try out the paid version.Looking at the surface pro 8 so i can utilize the pen.

I use Ventrics Vcarve Pro. It’s perfect for 3axis carving and plasma cutting design.
It would be nice if they could get a post processor for the plasma side.
Dabbled with Shapr3D and it was nice software but I won’t pay a monthly fee.