Anyone have their THC box burn up?

Just curious if this has happened to anyone else. After three or four years of service I got an odd smell in the garage and had the magic blue smoke come out of my THC box. I opened it up once the threat of fire (and electrical shock had been removed) and found two resistors that were totally burned up. No Idea what happened. Like I said, I’ve had years of service without issue, and then a spectacular failure today.

wow…very strange…we have seen this when people put raw voltage into the divided voltage…

send pictures to Langmuir through the service request…

they will get this right for you…

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Thank you. I have sent pictures and reached out to them already. Of course this happens on 6:00pm on a Friday.

Which cutter are you running? the CUT60 was doing that with some of their cutters running divided voltage.

you can still use the RAW side of the VIM box as is runs on it’s own circuit. You’ll have to run RAW voltage from the lugs inside the cutter.

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I am using the CUT 60. I dud buy everything used several years ago from the original owner. It’s just surprising to me that after years, it decided to fry.

Langmuir emailed back this morning, so we’re going to see what solution they come up with before I try anything else.

even if they send you a new VIM box, I would highly suggest hooking it up to RAW voltage and i wouldn’t be surprised if they tell you the same thing.


That does seem to be the general consensus.

This is unfortunately what happens when you buy used some times.

It’s not that it’s used, its just something with the combo of the cut60 and the VIM box. some work fine and others will fry the box. even some of the newer updated cutters seem to be doing it now.

and it makes you feel better, all Everlast cutters are recommended to go RAW voltage from the inside due to the CNC port divided voltage circuit not working correctly.