Anyone else have this happen

@langmuir, looks like your operator missloaded this part or didnt have it up aginst the stop. On yhe other y axis the 1/4-20 threaded hole was so crooked that i couldnt even re-chase it, had to chase both of them fyi, so I had to go and drill it out for an M7. Not sure how these big of mistakes are being missed. I still think the machine is good but you guys gotta change up your QC policy to catch these kimds of mistakes.


@langmuir-jake @langmuir-daniel Hey guy’s can you please look into ticket # 111927 Please, I really need a new Y axis carriage shipped to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

I had to completely re-work my machine during assembly including welding holes closed and re-drilling/tapping, surface grinding the spindle carriage and the x axis linear bearing blocks. The y axis posts were machined incorrectly. I requested new ones and got tired of waiting on the shipment +2weeks, and fixed them myself. I spent more on reworking the machine then I did on the machine itself. It seems these guys are on vacation now days. I have made multiple attempts to reach them by phone and email with no response. Duck and run. I have become dependent on this machine for my business, and it continues to disappoint. I will be buying a big boy machine soon, and I kick myself in the a** for not directing my funds toward a real machine instead of this toy.


I bugged them pretty hard and they got another one coming to me. Im a machinist by trade 10 years now, and i was fairly suprised at the “precision” machined areas. I laughed and got nervous when one of the first videos for the build tells you to use a hone or file and knock down any burrs. And then i noticed their supplier doesnt even deburr in the machine and it was all done with a file or buffing wheel. Im hoping once out together its decent and i can pay it off quickly as im using this to get my own shop up and running as well. Deffinatly gonna have to be careful about yhe work i pick and just pound out as much as i can as quickly as i can.

It is a CNC milling machine designed and built by welders


I dont think there’s a better explanation than this one.

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