Any thoughts on different epoxy colors?

I was wondering if anyone has considered dying their epoxy a different color than the standard grey/gray and what might be the pros/cons of that. I was thinking of a orange (kinda like HomeDepot Rigid tools orange). Do you think that it would making working on parts hard to see (like from a contrast standpoint)? As I am getting older I find that glare makes it difficult to read calipers and such. @langmuir-daniel Did you guys try different colors?

I was going to go with black so it blends into all the black powder coated stuff. My Sika epoxy grout supplier advises me to scuff the powder coated metal bits before concrete and epoxy coating to remove the shiny blush as this detracts from adhesion. Maybe the instructions already mention this.


Hmm, black is a good idea. The more and more I think about a bright colored epoxy, the more I think that it’s not the best idea. lol Are you saying to scuff the black side walls in the base tray for epoxy adhesion?

Someone please do glow in the dark epoxy!


I understand the glare thing. One thing to think about the darker the epoxy the darker it will seem inside of the machine. A lighter color walls in a room will seem to have better lighting than a darker room with the same lights.


Sounds like the grey/gray that was chosen is a good compromise then. Hmmm.

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Hmm… would definitely be interesting… lol

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What I am thinking. I would think white although would get dirty quick would help seeing inside best. The glow in the dark would be a trip though.


Yup. Exactly.

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I ordered neon green mica powder to color mine


This will be wild. I look forward to seeing this shenanigan’s.

Check out UVO by smooth on if you want a solidly opaque colorant for epoxy. I use black almost daily for some of my products.

Edit: Smooth on also has concrete colorants. So that may be another route. Color the concrete, clear epoxy over.

I have some concrete colorants for colored smoke bombs… red, yellow and blue. More than I’ll ever be able to use. If someone were interested in trying it, cover shipping and I’ll send you a bunch.

Edit 2: on the thought of aesthetic customizations— you could lay down a vinyl decal or logo on the concrete and overpour it with the epoxy. It would still cure flat up top and would have 0 implications to the strength or cure of concrete or epoxy. You could do a logo, or something useful like an XYZ orientation reference, or even a cut off a tape measure for quick reference usage. OR even a Langmuir logo.

I borrowed JDE’s thread photo, but here for refrence


I also ordered lime green lol. will go well with the rest of the build.

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When I get one (next spring likely) I’ll do epoxy in a brighter blue. Not dark but not light, a nice blue like Mopar blue

Some solid ideas in here. I ordered my epoxy kit and white pigment. Something bright and with enough contrast to spot things like hardware and tools easily.