Any spare inputs/outputs on the controler?

I am looking to add some accessories to my MR-1. One, an ATC, will require a configurable input/output port on the controller such as the existing coolant output. Are there any available and if so, how can they be configured?

How exactly are you planning to do an ATC? there are a handful of posts on here about why that is WAY more difficult than it seems. Curious if you have a plan or if its just a want.

You need to change the controller and control software for this level of mod. There are a few examples now of people doing this. Here are my notes for doing it with LinuxCNC:

The MESA 7i96s that Iā€™m using has 6 outputs and 11 inputs and is expandable.

Ive been a CNC machinist for many many years, so ive got one designed and tested already. Im actually just doing the collet swap ATC, but I wanted to add air blast and dust cover to the system which is why I want the additional inputs and outputs.

Whats the plan for the fact that the spindle cant run in both directions?

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Also the servo drive will error out if you stall the spindle. It needs to be reset to recover.