Any news on the router version of the Crossfire?

As the title says, any news or timeframe that I should be looking here for the router version of the cross fire?


I am surprised to be met with only crickets.

You could probably draw some inferences from that. What makes you think that there will be one?

A CNC router would require a pretty hefty Z gantry compared with a plasma cutter.

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I have attached a router (spindle) to my crossfire pro and it works awesome. In order to do it, I had to 1 use Sheetcam and modify the post processor a little. 2 It cuts 2d perfect and I have yet to mess with a true 3d carving yet. I have also attached a laser engraver, plotter pen and an easyscribe. They all work great.!! The crossfire pro does have a z axis that I can absolutely control.


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OP was asking about an original CrossFire, which can’t support much due to the cantilevered X axis. The Pro, with the two Y rails, can support the weight of most anything you can pile on it, at least, until the bearings burn out.

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post pictures!!!
give us some more infor…
stop teasing us with your tales of super mods…


I’ll put the sheetcam post processor mods together tomorrow to make sure it is all correct. Wouldn’t want some one to break their beautiful machine with the wrong GCode,

I am totally new to this forum and posting stuff so be kind if I’m not doing this correctly.

In Sheetcam you need to redefine the machine to be both a rotary and jet cutting machine under machine options. This allows all the rotary tools to be enabled. Then modify the post processor to support the Z-Axis. I’ll post that mod tomorrow when I get more time. Here are the pics.

The Mounts I made on the 3D printer. Basic holding mounts. The Pen Holder is a floating Z axis which works perfect on uneven materials.

The casters are the best. Harbor Freight Trailer Jacks. I can easily level the table when ever I move it in my shop and they support 1000Lbs. Bought on sale for 19.00 each… Way better than my original casters and with a simple crank of the handle, the table is leveled.


Ok this is awesome and exactly what I was looking to do. Do you have a BOM for the router and laser, more importantly the router.

For the laser I wasnt sure because ive seen laser etchers and the move pretty fast. Faster than 300ipm. Did you see any issue? This is all great btw

I’m just saying can we be friends? That’s alot of genius in those pictures! Especially the trailer casters🤣

Will you send the gcode modifications. I have sheetcam. Where you select a rotary tool? Then do you run it with Firecontrol with THC off or disconnect? Very interested in contolling the router movement on the Z axis
Thanks in advance.

Here is my email.

I’ll send the revised post processor directly.