Any more UPDATES?

any time estimates on the next update on XR shipments or availability to glance at assembly instructions?? i saw the little teaser on facebook the other day and all it did was make me want more… :laughing: @langmuirsystems


Apparently not. :laughing:

Tomorrow is day ten of when the owner said they would start shipping out at the latest! So I’m keeping my hopes up for the next couple of days!

From Langmuir Sept 28, 2021

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\ 40x40 Advanced Tech Support (Langmuir Systems)

Sep 28, 2021, 14:43 PDT

Hi Bruce-

Either of these torches will fit the XR torch mount. It is adjustable to handle a wide range of torch body lengths.

We have begun shipping Batch 1 XRs this week. We will post more information in an update later this week!


\ 40x40 Bruce Tibbetts

Sep 27, 2021, 7:07 PDT

I have a deposit for batch 2 production run. I am looking at the Hypertherm Powermax65.
What machine torch will fit the XR table?
mini machine torch 180 degree or the full length Duramax machine torch 180 degree
Also, I know you guys are getting pummeled with questions from anxious customers like me, when are you shipping batch 1?

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I’m confused by this message.

" We have begun shipping Batch 1 XRs this week. We will post more information in an update later this week!"

I have an early batch 1 number and I haven’t been sent any information to pay or arrange shipping.

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Yeah i ordered within the first minute of it opening, and I have not gotten any update emails for shipping. My Order Number is #28480

I’m 28475 and also haven’t heard anything yet.

Balance Payment emails have started going out but we are only sending them as machines are ready to ship. If you have not yet received one, we appreciate your patience as the shipping process ramps up. If these payments are not made within 5 days (with follow ups from our team), the machine will sent to the next paid customer in line and the late paying customer will be moved into the next set of machines readied for shipment (likely the next week).

This is the process currently and it is subject to change as more machines are prepped for shipment.

Please also keep in mind there were a lot of orders placed in the first minute of the deposit launch!


Approximately how many machines are you shipping out a week? @langmuirsystems

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Could you atleast tell us what the first order number is please.
And are the installation instructions are up yet?

I had a guy message me on IG about him getting an email Monday. Said he was order number 28462, he told me at one point he was told that he was the 2nd person in line. How true that Is I don’t know. But he did send me a screen shot of his email about paying his balance and what not.

My order number is 28490. I was ordering the 1st min as well. I’m sure they were bombarded with orders in the 1st few min of it dropping.

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I got distracted and I got the order in at around 10:20 and my order number is 28763.

I ordered within the first minute or so and am number 28590. Would be interesting to see how many they sold the first 5 min.

I bet there were quite a bit. I’d like to know too. Be cool if they told us

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Order 28506, I’m glad its not just me wondering if I missed an email or call

you guys them low numbers… lol im over here with order 31369 still itchin for info like a…


28507 here and I haven’t heard anything.

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@langmuirsystems glad to see machines getting ready to ship out. any ideas on time frame to see assembly instructions ??

28481 here, also nothing.

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I have seen where 459, and 460 have paid out their invoices. you’re saying 61 and 62 have as well… i was hoping to get an email today in the second batch to ship but it doesn’t seem like they have gotten that far. im 483. I will surely post when i get to finish paying for mine and I’m going to drive over and pick it up so I will be getting it ASAP. I will let yall know if i hear anything else… the suspense is killer…


Hi All-

We thank you all for your patience as we begin the XR shipping process. We want to be as transparent as we can about XR shipments and to provide you with a more complete update.

Main XR Crates are actively being packaged and built at our facility in Texas. We are making great progress with increasing the speed at which our production line is able produce machines and expect to fulfill most Batch 1 Machines within 4 weeks.

We are unfortunately experiencing a delay in receiving rail tubes that are currently sitting awaiting clearance at the southern border. We are very confident these finished tubes will be received shortly so we can continue to package the Long XR Crates. We are holding off sending any new ‘XR Balance Due’ emails until they are received but fully expect to resume by the end of the week. These emails will be sent 7-10 days before shipment.

The XR Assembly Manual is now live on the website. These instructions follow our usual format and are printable for assembling offline. There are some portions that require video explanation and these videos are available on Youtube and can be downloaded for offline use. If you are waiting on your XR, we recommend waiting until you receive it to print as you will capture any updates and edits that are made in the interim.

Let us know if you have any feedback,

Langmuir Systems