Any interest in novice sheetcam session

Just polling the group who may be interested in an introduction to Sheetcam for a beginner session I put together to present on Zoom


Sure where can one find it?

Ill bring pizza!

I’m in! (Wouldn’t mind a reprise of the Inkscape session either!)

im in also.

I’m in! Just say when!

sounds good…

I am interested.

Bring it…


Sure -still buikdingvtable but interested

I’m in! When and where?

I’m very interested!

I’ll get a date put together for this coming up week.

Count me in!!

I am interested please let me know when

I’d be in too that would be helpful!

I’m In, when,

I’m getting the hang of it, but I’d hop on a Zoom presentation.

Looking for a volunteer who would be interested in doing a 1 on 1 so that I can make sure all the mechanics are in order and the session goes off without any issues and is in a format that delivers.
It would take about an hour and I would present all the material during this dry run. If possible early this week in the evening would work for me.
PM me if you would like to help out,