Antique store/ flea market

There is an “antique store” in town that is more like a flea market where you can rent out a 8’x10’ booth and sell things to the locals. They have staff to check people out so you just need to set up your miniature store and they take care of the rest. The price is $125 a month and i’m considering if it could be a worthwhile investment. Has anybody tryed selling products like this? Would probably have to cater to holidays and things like that with signs.

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There are various discussions on starting a business and folk’s success/challenges on this forum.

Here is a link to someone asking nearly the same question you asked but about 16 months ago:

Here is someone suggesting a “help” site. The page almost appears as an ad:

I am recalling, a discussion on this forum about mid-summer. Various members were discussing some of the challenges encountered. (Perhaps someone can reference that topic. I believe @Phillipw was involved). Here is some of what I remember, but it could be grossly paraphrased:

  1. Saturation of the market in your local community
  2. Price of metal and paint. Can you make something and sell for a profit and be in the range that will entice a buyer to buy something they did not know they needed?
  3. Can you expand your business to include a broader market: art, welding and painting services, repairs. This will help keep food on the table and pay the bills while you get your name out there.
  4. Current economy is seeing less monies being spent at street markets. Many people using it as a form of entertainment (looky-loos) but not really spending money.

The answer, I am sure is “Yes.” But I have not tried. My wife has enrolled both her and I in a number of street fairs locally. We participated in one. I sold zero metal pieces but sold out in some wood game boards that I make. I noticed many customers did not even glance at the metal items even twice. Our area has been saturated for more than a decade with this type of art. You cannot go to a flea market without seeing at least one vendor with such items.

I never bought any metal art before I bought my table. Years ago, I remember saying to myself “They just run a program and spit that out!” When I bought my table I never planned to sell any art: just wanted it for making things for myself. My wife is the one that suggested the art stuff, granted, I am not really what you would call ‘artistic’ so I am a bad example for your research.

If you have some unique flare and want to sell something that you believe people will like and it is not presently easy for someone else to duplicate…

…then I say “Go for it.” But don’t mortgage your first born child for the venture.

Edit: Just found the topic/thread I was thinking of:


In my area people don’t have a lot of money… You can sell small things once you hit 40 bucks no way.
I do several custom pieces a month give or take… my money maker is making parts for work. Get in with a fab shop see what you can offer. Insurance is the big kicker though…

I looked a a consignment store when I first started . They give you six months to get a customer base. You paid a monthly fee and they took a cut of your sales. I didn’t attempt it because I wasn’t sure if I could put enough time in it.

How is your sales now ? Do you have to sign a contract?


I haven’t sold anything yet, I have only made things for friends. I have been wanting to start some sort of buisness and keep throwing around the idea of mobile welding/ small home fab shop. I have lots of tools and skills i just don’t know where to start or how to get customers. I was just thinking if i did something like that i could make things and try to sell them. It was just a quick thought since they had an opening at the store it is usually filled up with vendors this is the first time i’ve seen an empty booth. I am also considering trying to make some stuff to have my wife sell on market place since I don’t have Facebook. For marketplace i was thinking things like smokers, fire pits, or maybe custom grill grates. I’m still in the brainstorming phase.

Deleted comment. Miss read the contract thing. Im not sure if iy is contract based.

No contract you won’t be stuck paying for nothing .

I feel the small business thing. I am a machinist / welder. Been with my current company for 20 yrs. I do work for them at home they pay me on my W2 so I am covered under the companies insurance.

I do work for every farmer around because they can’t pay shop prices. I started checking into insurance almost every insurance company I called said they don’t like insuring any kind of welding business. Which made the $$$$ go up. I was quoted a policy with a estimated annual income of 40 k for 5k. The more you make the more they charge.

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I sell at an antique place. I actually have a wall that I pay $50/month. I don’t make any significant money but I started it to help fund vacations and it is doing that over the course of a year. My sweet spots are items in the $25 to $35 range. Above that maybe 1 a month. On average, after the $50 rent and 10%Commission and 3% credit card fee I bring home a check for about $275 to $325 a month. Again, not much but it is serving it purpose. It would be a different story if I were using it to put food on the table. (I would be one skinny dude).


For the craft shows I have done, I’ll usually only make back the fee it cost to enter (around 40 dollars) It is worth it to me though, because I’m getting my name out there and taking custom orders as well.