A new business venture

Ive been pondering starting to sell different plasma cut parts, signs, artwork. My wife found a craft fare near us that I signed up for. Its a 10’x10’ space, and I’ll be provided a 6ft long table. I’m thinking about making a stand I can put some more stuff on. I’m not concerned so much about selling anything right now but more so just getting my name out there. With all the knowledge on here, I wanted to ask what you all think of what projects I should have to display?

I always sold keychains. I would make small four wheeler, big foot, dog paws. Slick them up and clear coat. Make a few high dollar pieces. I always give out business card with everything.

Awesome. Thank you! Got business cards made. Will draw some nice keychain designs to cut out. Any ideas for displays? I’ll have a table, I was thinking maybe a stand-up display

I had a tent so I hung a few pieces in the corner… leaned a few on the front of table. Spur of the moment kind of thing . I saw someone use pallets leaned up against each other to display. I wouldn’t go to crazy spend to much time at first.

One of my key chains. The big foot hunters on TV was in this area a few years ago looking for him. He is called the wood booger around here. Even has a restaurant named after it.


garden gnomes…great garden sellers…

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All great advice. I think gardening stuff work well. Im basically in a farming area where I live.

Here are key chain ideas


Here I go!

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Good luck to you!

Its great time to collect custom sign orders while at the market.

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