Another bevel posting [mostly SOLVED]

I am posting this to help folks narrow down their bevel issues. Especially for us new guys it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. First place is to use the search feature in the upper right of this forum. That’s how I narrowed down today’s problem.

So I knew I had a bevel issue but had mostly been cutting sheet metal where it doesn’t really show up. I did cut some 1/8 and could see it a little there but today cutting my first 1/4" material it really showed up! (see pics)

This bevel was present on the top and right side which was puzzling to my newbie brain. I can understand all 4 sides or 2 parallel sides but adjacent sides didn’t make sense to me. I checked all of my setting air, amps, work clamp etc. Additionally, I had just checked the tram of the Z-axis.

Then I checked the forum search function. I found this thread which was my problem exactly.

I thought well I only have 125 pierces and 12 minutes of cutting how could the consumables be bad so I hadn’t checked them. BIG MISTAKE. These pictures aren’t great but you’ll get the idea.

I replaced the consumables with ones I bought from George @mechanic416 and I got about an immediate 90% improvement. I now have a very slight bevel on all 4 sides that is either what it is or can be tuned a little more by adjusting cut height.



Nice goin’ Scott!! Way to reason your way through it… Not so much of a “Noob” now are ya?


Logic based noob… :slight_smile:

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